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Winter  2014
Set to be one of the coldest winters on record, designers are polishing off their latest winter trends. This year is seeing plenty of metallics to brighten the long dreary days and wools to warm up those cold winter nights.
Bright Ideas
Change the look and feel of your room with some of these brilliant and bold lighting ideas.
Fall Trends 2014
Fall 2014 is all about earth tones and a return to nature. The hottest interior designers and decor gurus are naming this coming fall the year of: “Fall Naturals” . It’s all about making your home feel at one with nature and the outdoors. We’ve picked up some of these...
Urban Industrial Decor
Urban industrial decor is really hotting up right now among both urban city goers and rural home owners. Exposed flooring and overhead mechanical duct work bring the contemporary feel of the city to your home while well crafted and designed pieces add a touch of much needed warmth.
Add some style to your wine collection. Whether you are a novice or a connoisseur, these pieces by Vin de guard are sure to impress. Specialising in wine storage and bespoke furniture pieces, Vin de guard have an almost a futuristic approach to design. With space saving at its core, these...

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