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National Business Awards 2013

Pevonia Spa Body Line - Smooth & Tone Body Cream

Added: 14 Aug 2012
1386 kB | 5399 X 8111 | #137404
Product price: £51.00
Smooth & Tone Body-Svelt Cream (with Chlorogenic Acid) is a triphase, micronised, high-performance cream blending the latest most active proven-effective ingredients for smoothing and eliminating cellulite deposits.

Green Coffee is the proven effective ingredient that dislodges cellulite accumulation. Rich in polysaccharides, this cream encourages moisture bonding while helping restructure skin layers, providing extra energy to normalize all biological activities. An ideal cream for maximized visible results.

Recommended for all skin types. Use every evening in conjunction with the Body-Svelt Cellulite Gel – Smooth & Tone (morning) and Seaweed Soap for maximised results.

Main ingredients:

Green Coffee: activates lipolysis, diuretic, smoothing
Green Tea: healing, anti-free radicals
Bladderwrack: detoxifying, mineralising
Licorice: soothing, healing
Kola Nut: stimulating, diuretic
Centella Asiatica: healing, regenerating
Ginkgo Biloba: decongesting, anti-puffiness, anti-stretch marks
Theophylline: eliminates toxins, smoothing
Guarana Fruit: diuretic, eliminates toxins
Niacin: activating, boosts circulation

Pevonia Spa Body Line - Smooth & Tone Body Cream