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Kitchenaid Platinum Collection Stand Mixer in Sugar Pearl
Original price
AUD $849.00
Converted price
USD 753.66

Kitchenaid Platinum Collection Stand Mixer in Sugar Pearl

• 04/24/14 • 5863 kB • 4040×3856

This company is based in: Australia and ships to: Australia

KitchenAid Platinum Collection Stand Mixer in Sugar Pearl

AUS$849, NZ$1100

The Platinum Collection Stand Mixer features a premium two coat metallic finish, elegant glass bowl and Flex Edge Beater for faster ingredient incorporation. Original planetary mixing action delivers fast and complete mixing for outstanding results. The trademark hub allows for the attachment of numerous accessories which will turn your mixer into a pasta machine, meat grinder, ice cream machine, vegetable slicer, sausage maker and much more.

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