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Dakota Cowhide Stool Camel Stripe
Original price
AUD $480.00
Converted price
USD 433.68

Dakota Cowhide Stool Camel Stripe

• 07/25/12 • 2567 kB • 2512×2280

This company is based in: Australia and ships to: all countries globally

Made to Eco Chic design by the wonderful HideStyle, the Dakota ottomans are a fabulous addition to your home. Available in black and white chevron stripe or caramel with brindle band, they add casual sophistication and practicality, too!

These beautiful ottomans will grace a funky, casual interior as stylishly as a hip, urban one and we are very proud of their quality crafstmanship.

Ottomans are so useful, as you can move them around to form temporary seating, group them to make a coffee table, use them as a stool or side table or to frame an entry or setting.

Cowhide products offer an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional leather items.

The idea for cowhide products came from the people of South America where cows are primarily bred for their meat and during this process the cow skins used to be discarded and forgotten about.

The idea of manufacturing products out of these skins was born, and due to their beautiful appearance along with their luxurious quality, demand and popularity grew.

The process of manufacturing these cowhides is extremely environmentally friendly in that the pollutants given off are far fewer than during the manufacture of the majority of other leather products.

A cowhide is not treated with any bleaching agents or any type of harmful chemicals usually used on traditional leather items, and they are naturally longer lasting too, making a cowhide product a natural and attractive alternative décor choice.

Ottoman Size: 50cm wide x 50cm deep x 45cm high.

Shipping Time Aprox. 2-3 weeks if in stock. Please email us to check current availability.

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