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The floor is increasingly seen as the ‘fifth wall’, a space to display artwork and do something different. Farrow & Ball Floor Paint can be used to transform wood or concrete floors with colour. Paint a stair runner, rug or stripes to create bespoke, eye-catching designs, or revive a space by simply painting the floor in a single colour. Floor Paint is available in all 132 unmatched paint colours in the Farrow & Ball palette, from bright Charlotte’s Locks and Arsenic, to strong Black Blue and Down Pipe, and all the neutrals too. Created using only the finest ingredients Floor Paint has an immersive depth of colour while also being robust and durable. Floor Paint is hard-wearing with a classic eggshell finish that can be used on any interior wood or concrete floor, including garages and workshops. Like all Farrow & Ball paints, Floor Paint is water based with low VOC content making it kind to the environment too. www.farrow-ball.com Media Enquiries: UK Press Office 01202 850182 press@farrow-ball.com Customer Enquiries: 01202 876141 sales@farrow-ball.com Notes to editors: At Farrow & Ball, we make unmatchable paints and wallpapers. Ever since we were founded by paint pioneers John Farrow and Richard Ball, their passion for producing paint using only the finest ingredients and age-old production methods has remained at the heart of Farrow & Ball, right through to today. Our sumptuous paint colours are made using high levels of rich pigments to original recipes and our wallpapers are hand crafted using our own paints and traditional printing methods. We make everything at our factory in Dorset, England, home to Farrow & Ball since its beginnings. Each and every batch is subjected to scrupulous testing to ensure that our Elephant’s Breath® is no Dead Salmon® and our wallpapers retain their uniquely tactile texture. Farrow & Ball products are available from showrooms and stockists around the world and www.farrow-ball.com.

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At Farrow & Ball we are devoted to producing unparalleled paints and wallpapers that transform homes around the world. We are paint perfectionists, creating unmatched paint colours using only the finest ingredients and age-old methods which have withstood the test of time and the passage of many a fickle fad. We also make handcrafted wallpaper created using our own paints to print designs onto paper using traditional block and trough printing methods, which is what gives them their uniquely beautiful texture.

Our meticulous approach to producing paint and wallpaper is rooted in our past. Farrow & Ball paints are born and bred in Dorset, England, in the same small town we’ve resided in since John Farrow, and fellow paint pioneer Richard Ball first founded the company.

From small beginnings their reputation for quality quickly spread until the pair were supplying paint to the Admiralty and the War Office. The company bucked the trend towards cheaper, acrylic paints with high levels of plastic, in favour of the original formulations and natural ingredients.

Over the years Farrow & Ball has been loved and appreciated by a dedicated and growing group of loyal customers all over the world who recognise the difference that attention to detail, quality ingredients and craftsmanship make.

Today, our quest to create unmatchable products continues. Over the years we have grown our range of paint finishes, and we’ve added wallpapers to our portfolio, but we’ve never forgotten our past. We may have over forty showrooms as far and wide as New York, Paris and London, but every batch of paint or wallpaper, however large or small, is still made in our factory in Dorset, England.

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