Welcome to the Wayfair Press Office

Welcome to the Wayfair Press Office

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2022 Trends


2022 is upon us, and on this cycle around the sun we’re seeing a desire for looks that both uplift and comfort.

Way Out West’s accessible cowboy-inspired style is transporting us to old Americana, while the shapes and hues of Sculpted Simplicity will calm busy minds. The beauty of flora and fauna is here to adorn our space with Naturally Brilliant, and Golden Age Glamour offers lashings of vintage Hollywood-inspired luxury.
Creature Comforts has us going all out on pampering the loyal pets and furry friends that stick by our sides, and we’re celebrating all things colourful with The Bold Outdoors as we break the fourth wall and reclaim the outdoors as an extension of our home.

The new year is finally here, and we’re ready to shake off the past and embrace a fresh start full of colour, comfort and plenty of style

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