Welcome to the Curated Pieces Press Office

Welcome to the Curated Pieces Press Office

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Art for a cause: Exploring Plant based living and Bird Conservation with Art

Curated Pieces

As you may know, here at Curated Pieces we are all about being mindful of our surroundings and appreciating nature and our planet. We wanted to continue to help you on your sustainable journey but also let you know that you don’t have to make drastic changes in your life. Becoming more sustainable can start with you at home. In this blog post we wanted to give you some little tips that you can use when buying into art and decor. All it takes is being more mindful of things and buying into the right products. That’s where we come in!

Both our Home Grown Collection and our BirdLife Collection are inspired by passions of ours and we love that we are able to share these in the hope of creating a new passion for you as well.

Read our blog post for more: https://curatedpieces.com/blog/exploring-plant-based-living-and-bird-conservation-with-art/

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