Welcome to the MADE.COM Press Office

Welcome to the MADE.COM Press Office

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  • Desperate partners reveal that terrible sleeping habits have driven almost half of us (42%) to sleep in separate beds

  • 1 in 10 (12%) have split, or considered a split, with a partner due to their irritating sleeping habits, with men twice as likely as women to split with a partner for their sleeping slip-ups

  • A whopping 45% of Brits fail to reach the recommended 7 hours sleep per night, which is classed as Chronic Sleep Deprivation

  • Great Britain is becoming a nation of nappers, with almost half (46%) of Brits taking naps during the day, every single week

Research by MADE.COM to mark the launch of the new Sleep Shop category, has revealed the irritating sleep habits wreaking havoc in today’s relationships.
Though it’s recommended that we spend 30% of our lives asleep, it’s clear that there’s a fundamental flaw when it comes to sleeping with a partner by our sides.  With almost half of us (42%) admitting that we now resort to sleeping in separate beds due to a lover’s tiresome sleep habits, precious time spent together between the sheets is on the decrease. Over one in ten Brits (12%) confess to have considered a split due to a partner’s night time activity. Snoring is the number one dumpable offence, followed by heavy breathing, huffing and puffing, tossing and turning, and starfishing. Farting in bed was cited by 13% as a dump-worthy offence, with women twice as likely as men to split over it.
Respondents complained of an array of night time annoyances, including one from a partner who refused to sleep until they had recited the alphabet twice, and another who needed a hot flask of tea by their bedside in case of a midnight craving.
The survey also revealed that we are becoming a nation of nappers, with almost half (46%) needing to take daytime naps to top up the sleep stolen by a restless spouse. Men topped the lazy chart, taking an average of 2.5hrs of daytime naps per week, or 5 extra full days asleep per year.
MADE.COM’s new Sleep Shop includes a range of affordable luxury down pillows and duvets to help with the perfect night’s sleep, no matter who is in bed with you, and to help maximise those power naps.
MADE also has a range of luxurious cotton and linen bedding which could be a perfect gift for the tenth of Brits who confess to keeping their dirty sheets on for more than three months at a time, with men being twice as likely women to last that long. Some respondents even complained of partners who didn’t wash the sheets, but simply flipped the dirty ones over.
  1. Snoring (64%)
  2. Heavy Breathing (31%)
  3. Tossing and Turning (21%)
  4. Huffing and Puffing (21%)
  5. Starfishing (17%)
  6. Farting (13%)
  7. Twitching (13%)
  8. Coughing (12%)

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