Welcome to the My Billet Doux Press Office

Welcome to the My Billet Doux Press Office

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Rituel gift cushion- for wellbeing, love and wellness

My Billet Doux

Our “RITUEL” gift cushion set was conceived to create your own RITUAL at home. It can be used at any point in your journey to find inner peace and follow your own wisdom and most importantly to give time to yourself.

what's in the box

An Indian silk douppion cushion "Fragment"decorated with a 1930-50's gold and woven satin trim with embroidered pattern French ribbon. The pocket at the back of the cushion is in Hot pink silk. Cushion size : 39 x 25 cm, feather pad included, Ribbon width : 5.1 cm

a sustainably sourced bundle of Palo Santo wood and a selenite bar (11cm)
a clear quartz massage wand
a smudge stick of the finest Californian sage with Yorkshire lavender (11cm)
an organic lavender and flaxseed eye pillow in hot pink
a beautiful crystal point (approx H:9 cm)
a series of information cards on each item and how to use and affirmations to get you started
choose a notebook and pen of your choice
Presented in our signature gift box

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