Solus Decor are thrilled to have recently secured a CE mark for Natural Gas and Liquid Propane Fire Pits, which they will be presenting to the UK market for the first time at RHS Chelsea 2016.

After being awarded the CE mark for natural gas, Solus founder Brad Carpenter spoke of how it will enhance the products they can offer customers in the UK, and overall customer experience:
“Truly from our end this is a game changer. 90% of our market in North America is gas or liquid propane. Natural gas is a substantive heat source, with variable controls that allow you to regulate the heat.  Fundamentally, it turns your outdoor space in an outdoor living room! This concept is big in North America, where outdoor trends commonly originate, and I fully expect it to be just as popular in the UK.”

Considered design and sustainability is the foundation on which Solus fire pits are based.

“The design is obviously a key feature of our fire pits,” said Brad, “but it’s also really important to us that they are sustainable. We strive for a small footprint – we use certified lumber, recycled materials and draw the bulk of our energy from human power. We believe sustainability and longevity go hand-in-hand.”
Solus Elevated Halo 36” Fire Table: £ 2,95
Solus Hemi 36” Fire Bowl: £2,650