Invite the neighbours over for drinks, as Solus Decor’s Firecube 16 turns your compact garden into a summer hot spot!
Nominated for 2016’s Chelsea New Garden Product of the Year, the Firecube 16 is Solus Decor’s answer to ever decreasing living spaces. It is an outdoor fire pit adapted especially for contemporary city living. Standing at 17” tall and with a square footprint of just 16” x 16”, the concrete cube will fit virtually any space.  Although small in footprint, the Firecube is a substantial outdoor heater, emitting up to 40,000 British Thermal Units.
Style and substance are both accounted for in this design. As well as being a powerful little heater, the Firecube boasts a chic, minimal design; making it quite the feature piece for a pocket patio. The Firecube 16 can also be grouped in a variety of configurations or set throughout architectural environments to add visual interest, create social hubs or to light the way through transitional areas.
The Firecube is manually lit and fuelled by either propane or gas. It arrives complete with burner, lighting wand, rocks and firestone. The design also includes a removable table top, which transforms the Firecube into a side table when not in use.
Solus will be exhibiting at the Chelsea Flower Show in May. Proud sponsors of WaterAid, they will be giving away their popular off-catalogue candle holders, in exchange for donations to the charity. 
  • Choose from 10 Solus integral, hand cast colours
  • 3 fuel options: Natural Gas, Propane or Ethanol.
  • Manual Start only. Electronic start is not available for the Firecube 16 due to its small interior space.
  • Specially designed All weather covers protect your fire features from the elements year round, extending their life, maintaining their smooth finish and extending their warranties.
  • Full beds of refractory fire stones.
Concrete Firecube 16″: £2000 (includes: table top, burner, lighting wand, rocks and firestone)