Good things are coming: reignite your zest for life!


We’re excited to present our latest studio collection, Studio Zest; a bold and eclectic collection of prints intended to inspire instant joy. With 34 unique prints, Studio Zest draws upon bright, expressive, and fun vibes with unusual compositions and fashion elements.

“We wanted to create a collection that sparks a feeling of pure joy and happiness through playful colour,” says Annica Wallin, Executive Creative Director at Desenio.

Colours have a huge impact on our mood and state of mind. The Desenio Design Studio intentionally chose on-trend colours, known to bring about positive emotions.

“Sunny yellows, peachy pinks, pale greens, and shades of lavender are currently on-trend both in fashion and interior design. We’re seeing a strong trend toward this colour palette for interior decor and prints, which we believe will only increase in the coming months.”

Studio Zest is all about celebrating our ability to be hopeful, happy, and free, regardless of what may have previously weighed us down.

“After a period globally in which it has been challenging to feel joyful and free, we wanted this photo collection to encourage optimism and invite people to dare to dream about an exciting future in which anything is possible,” says Annica Wallin.  


Please contact for more information about the collection.
Studio Zest will be available for purchase from 1st June 2021.
The collection will be available in the sizes 21x30 cm (8 ¼ X 11 ¾ IN ) - 70x100 cm (27 ½ X 39 ¼ IN). Prices range from 9.95 USD -54.95 USD, depending on size.