Creating a welcoming atmosphere that promotes relaxation and positively impacts one's mood is an important aspect of interior design - even more so as we approach Autumn and Winter. At Sweetpea & Willow, we offer a stylish range of chandeliers and pendants, table lamps, wall lamps and floor standing lamps which will enrich any space with warm, inviting lighting and a radiant sense of effortless style.


Completely transform the look and feel of a room in an instant with an impactful ceiling light that will fill the space with a lovely, evenly-distributed warm glow. 


Create a calm and relaxing atmosphere with a stylish floor lamp that will live up to every occasion and that can conveniently be placed wherever extra ambience and style is needed.


Brighten and accentuate a hallway or features on your wall with a state-of-the-art wall lamp in the perfect style, material and colour that will bring your space to life. 


Elevate a bedside or console table with an elegant side lamp that is as functional as it is beautifully brilliant. For tasks or simply for adding warm, accent lighting to your home, these luxury lamps can do it all. 

Founder's Favourites
Lighting is THE most important element of interior design; if you get the lighting wrong, even the best of room designs will lose its magic if the lights are too bright or positioned incorrectly. Lighting can also hide a multitude of sins. If the walls are desperate for a paint, or there are a few unwanted paw prints on furniture, keep the lights low and pop some beautiful side lamps on and voila - no one will notice!”.
- Jacquie Dunton, Founder of Sweetpea & Willow

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