February 1st marks the Year of the Tiger in the Chinese Zodiac. Set your home up for the year ahead by referencing tigers, which is said to bring good luck. An easy way to do this is with art prints from Desenio!


The Year of the Tiger is said to bring a period of risk-taking and adventure - bring positive vibes and excitement into your home with some fierce tiger energy!

The following are three ways you can style your home with tiger art prints.


Pop of Colour

Bring a playful pop of colour to your home with the Fierce Tiger Poster!

Bright green is a great way to uplift the mood in your home. Be brave like a tiger and experiment with more colours, too!

Japandi Style


The Japandi style in interior design is a trend that fuses Japanese and Scandinavian influences. Style this Ganbaru Print as part of a Scandinavian home for the ultimate in Japandi style.

“Ganbaru” is a Japanese phrase that roughly means to carry on with determination in difficult times. The perfect motto for the Year of the Tiger!

Classic Beauty


If you’d prefer to keep a classic and timeless look in your home, choose monochromatic photography for a sophisticated feeling.

Choose the beautfiul Tiger Portrait Poster to remind you you to always be fierce, defiant, and strong.

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