Interior Designer: Greg Natale                 

Main Brands: Boca do Lobo, Gucci, Jonathan Adler, Minotti, Kelly Wearstler 

Style: Art Deco, Postmodern, 80s Glam, Contemporary

Location: Toorak, Melbourn, Australia

Client: Couple who owns a luxury watches and jewelry business

Inspiration: french architecture, jewelry, and joinery, the 80s


The 4,000 square-foot penthouse apartment is an absolute interior design treasure in the high-class Australian suburb of Toorak, in Melbourn. On a trip to the city of lights, Greg Natale, the worldwide famous interior designer,  found inspiration in the Parisian arches and swaths of maroon. 

The clients are jewelry designers and wanted their personality and passion to e presented in the project. Contrasting, the space for the residence was originally clean and minimalistic, which is the absolute opposite of the owner's style, but the perfect starting point for a creative mind. 

This interior design is a loyal example of Greg Natale's amazing work, resulting in an unequal project that embraces an 80s glamour style, with a luxury contemporary style, that satisfied the demanding clients, without compromising the designer's signature

Besides the unusual, exotic, and exclusive combination of tones, this project has a curated selection of amazing pieces from different exclusive brands, transforming this penthouse almost into a design museum. For example, Greg Natale combined some of Jonathan Adler's furniture, that the couple already had, with some more contemporary brands such as Boca do Lobo's Fortuna Dining Table, which takes the stage's center in the dining room, illuminated by a Kelly Wearstler's suspension light and above Greg Natale's art deco rug. The final result of this room strongly relays the love of luxury and glamour, for the owners, but also for the interior designer.

Lapiaz Center Table by Boca do Lobo