Maximising space with great reflections, sustainable homeware brand Tom Raffield release new mirror designs for Spring 2023...
Create the illusion of space and light with unique wooden mirror designs by Tom Raffield, launching Friday 24th February 2023.

Sustainably designed and handcrafted in South Cornwall, Tom Raffield designs are synonymous with nature; each product is handcrafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. Designed and crafted by Tom and his small team in their Cornish workshop, these new interior icons are the perfect final flourish in any space.


“Mirrors are a secret weapon when it comes to interior styling. They provide both practicality and beauty by expanding the natural light and reflecting the space's style”.

– Tom Raffield, founder and designer.


Breathing contemporary softness into any space, the Nokori Mirror Range unites clean curves and sustainably sourced wood to invite a sense of balance. Named in honour of the Japanese word for 'rest', Tom Raffield’s new design exudes serenity.

Providing enchanting reflections, a round, frameless mirror neatly rests in an arching steam bent oak bracket. Boasting a slender profile, this wall mounted mirror is the perfect Scandi-inspired interior accessory. Available in 3 sizes, the Nokori Mirror Range is not only beautiful, but a very useful addition to bedrooms, hallways, dining rooms and living spaces.

Thoughtfully positioned above your sofa or bathroom sink, or beside your coat hook in your hallway, the lightweight Nokori Mirror can be styled to suit any space. Whether placed on the wall on its own or arranged in multiples in various sizes, the sleek design is sure to make a statement.

Confidently optimistic. Undoubtedly timeless.

Available in three sizes RRP £185/£275/£395 exclusively from


Joining Tom Raffield’s well established Ash Accessories range, the Esun Shelf with Mirror is well suited to energetic hallways, compact bathrooms, and restful bedrooms. This handy mirror and curvaceous shelf combination radiates versatility and openness.

Inspired by the sculptural tree canopies that surround their Cornish studios, the ash wood accessories range of shelving, mirrors and wall hooks brings the outdoors in, combining function and elegance and celebrating the strength, beauty, and unique character of sustainably sourced ash wood.

Elevating interiors with harmonious design, the ash wood Esun Shelf with Mirror is the perfect blend of minimalist, Scandi-inspired, style and classic materials. Seemingly floating upon its new stable home, five lengths of sustainably sourced ash wood are steam bent as one to cradle a frameless, rounded mirror.

This useful mirror and curvaceous shelf combination makes it well suited to busy hallways, compact bathrooms, and restful bedrooms. Perfect for storing books, pictures, and treasured mementoes, the versatile design of the floating Esun Shelf with Mirror will always add a touch of style, wherever it is placed.

Signature in style, timeless by nature.

RRP £395 available exclusively from



Inspired by the undulating Atlantic ocean as it meets his native Cornish coastline, Tom Raffield's sinuous wooden homewares are a swish blend of modern curvilinear design and ancient natural materials. While attending a 3D sustainability and design degree, Tom discovered an age-old, low-eergy technique for bending timbers using steam. Now a world leader in this craft, Tom creates intricate, organic twists and gentle arcs for his award-winning range of lighting, furniture and other home accessories. All raw materials at his solar-powered workshop in Cornwall, England are responsibly sourced, with any waste wood being re-used in other designs or by the local community, and never sent to landfill. Dry production methods are favoured - screws instead of glue, where possible, and all packaging is plastic-free and recyclable. These beautiful designer pieces are the heirlooms of the future; Tom Raffield represents the shape of things to come.

To create new ways of living with their original, timeless objects that are inspired by the natural world that surrounds them in Cornwall. Their artisan homeware designs are handcrafted by a skilled team to last a lifetime, using traditional craft processes in sustainable and innovative ways. Tom's aim is to transform spaces and leave a lasting impact without having an impact on the very thing that drives him - nature.

"We are the antidote to over consumption and hope to inspire a like-minded conscious community, helping to create a world where people and nature thrive for future generations to enjoy." - Tom Raffield, Founder and Designer

Since discovering the traditional, age-old technique of steam bending wood whilst studying his degree in 3D Sustainability & Design, Tom has been on an incredible self-taught journey of developing and understanding the process to become one of the world leaders in his craft. Tom’s fascination with the ecological technique allows him to create intricate curves and twists, mimicking organic shapes and celebrating the very thing that inspires him - nature.

Tom Raffield is one of a new generation of designers and makers, using his craft in innovative and contemporary ways. Leading the charge in sustainable design, he is driven to forge a path to excellence and cause as little environmental impact as possible along the way.

His passion and skill are now shared with his talented team of craftspeople, together they create objects that symbolise nature, tell a story and will last a lifetime, all whilst protecting the natural world.

“Each piece we create has been on an experimental journey - individual, organic and carefully considered. We source everything from sustainable woodlands, which, coupled with the low energy steam bending process, is a very ecological practice with little wastage,” explains Tom 

Handcrafted in their BREEAM Excellent studios in Cornwall, England, the range of contemporary lighting, furniture and accessories Tom Raffield creates is based on beauty, integrity and a desire to create unique, high specification objects that will be cherished by their owners for years to come.


With the smallest ecological footprint possible, Tom Raffield forge a path to excellence, crafting the heirlooms of the future whilst protecting the natural world that inspires them.
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