For 130 years, the Feuerhand Baby Special 276 Hurricane Lantern has been a reliable companion in the dark. For its anniversary, the iconic lantern made in Germany is now experiencing a modernized re-release as LED model. Its dimmable light source bathes places of well-being outdoors and indoors in a warm white light.

Timeless Design, Latest Technology
Whether at a social gathering, romantic togetherness or relaxed "me time": Thanks to its long lighting time, the LED version of the Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern leaves no one in the dark. With fully charged batteries and at the highest setting, its light shines for over 14 hours, at the lowest setting even up to 18 days.
The Feuerhand Baby Special 276 LED is versatile in use. Its warm white light provides atmospheric and cozy lighting in the garden, on the terrace or balcony, on the road as well as indoors. The lantern can be easily placed or hung wherever a light source is needed. It not only dips the set table in a pleasant light, but also sets accents hanging on the Feuerhand Lantern Holder.
The permanently installed LED light source is infinitely dimmable – from discreet lighting to bright reading light. To control the brightness, the tank lid of the classic Hurricane Lantern was converted into a rotary knob. The batteries for the Feuerhand lantern are charged via a protected USB-C port. If necessary, three standard AA batteries can be used instead of two rechargeable batteries.
A Classic Made in Germany
Little has changed in 130 years in the manufacturing process of the body, even with the LED version of the Lantern. Then as now, the Baby Special 276 is made in Germany. The lanterns made of galvanized sheet steel are processed to a high standard and guarantee a lifetime of enjoyment. The colored models are additionally powder coated. The Baby Special 276 LED is available in ten colour variations from the current Feuerhand colour palette.
Since 1893, the Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern has been bringing people together in its bright glow. The further developed Baby Special 276 LED now creates atmospheric feel-good moments with our loved ones in the garden, on the terrace, on the balcony and everywhere, outdoors as well as indoors, where we take the Lantern with us.
Technical Details
Material: Steel (galvanized, power-coated), plastics, copper, glass
Dimensions (W x H x D): 26,5 x 15 x 13.5 cm
Weight: 535 g
Power Supply: 3x AA batteries with 1,5 V or 2x 18650 lithium-ion batteries with 3,6/3,7 V with 3500 mAh, charging of batteries via USB port possible
Protection class: IP20
Light color: warm white, 2700 K
Luminous flux: 2-150 lm
Power: <0,1-2 W
Power Supply 2x 18650 lithium-ion-batteries
Charging time via USB-C Port: approx.. 8.5-10 h
Light duration in energy-saving mode: approx. 432h (18 days)
Light duration at highest light setting: approx. 14.5 h
Power supply 3x AA batteries
Light duration in energy-saving mode: approx. 156 h 
(6.5 days)
Light duration at highest light setting: approx. 1.5 h
Available: from August
Scope of delivery
1 x Feuerhand Baby Special 276 LED
1 x quick start quide 
Not included: AA batteries, 18650 lithium-ion batteries, USB-C charging cable and power adapter

59.00 Euro (Zinc Plated)
69.00 Euro (Matt Black, Ruby Red, Cobalt Blue, Moss Green, Olive, Sage Green)
79.00 Euro (Bronze, Sparkling Iron, Soft Beige)
Feuerhand – Moments Made Light
The modern yet traditional Feuerhand brand is all about light moments spent under the open sky in a convivial and cosy atmosphere. For over 125 years, Feuerhand has been at home around the world, wherever people gather outside around a warm, reliable light. The iconic paraffin lamps are the cornerstone of the range. In their constant glow, the timeless portfolio around light, fire and convivial pleasures keeps growing. The innovative and functional Feuerhand products for the garden, the terrace, the balcony or on the go create moments of ease and put every feel-good place into the right light.
Feuerhand has been part of the Petromax Group since 2014. The product range is available through a growing international network of specialist dealers as well as through its own webshop.

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