Vibrant Pink and a Confident, Happy, and Oh so Empowered Glow Define the Barbiecore Style — KOKET Has the Home Decor Look
Barbie has been in-style since the 1960s, but thanks to the new Barbie movie, Barbiecore and its signature pink are oh so in! In addition to the bright, vibrant Barbie pink, the Barbiecore style is also defined by radiant confidence and glowing happiness. From fashion to home decor, the Barbiecore look is everywhere in 2023. And when it comes to interior decorating in this style, the name to know is KOKET. Not only for the luxury home decor brands’ joyous feminine flair but also for its shared mission to empower women.

Mademoiselle Armoire

With its feminine filigree metal butterfly doors backed by decadent pink fabric, the Mademoiselle Armoire emanates Barbiecore vibes.


Besame II Chair

Inspired by the ever-captivating kiss, the succulent lines of Besame II bring empowering vibes adorned in Barbiecore-ready pink.


Caprichosa Sofa

Radiating modern woman vibes, the Caprichosa Sofa’s voluptuous design is delightfully flirty in Barbie pink velvet.


Yasmine Side Table

For the perfect Barbiecore accent piece, KOKET’s Yasmine Side Table’s sultry pink lacquer and brass silhouette is everything the look calls for.