Original Style is proud to offer heritage tile collections that feature timeless, hand-crafted and lovingly designed tiles, many of which are created in their Devon factory by skilled teams of designers and craftspeople.

For some time Original Style have been working on their iconic Artworks and Victorian Floor Tile collections to offer new designs and a wider colour palette that appeals to both traditional and contemporary tastes.

Original Style are pleased to share four new glaze colours to the Artworks collection, Duchy Pink, Teapot Brown, Ascot Blue and Ochre. As well as three new colours to their Victorian Floor Tile collection.
Original Style’s Artworks collection has stood the test of time, offering glossy wall tiles with unique, reflective glazes and a heritage feel. Their skilled teams take care to ensure their ranges offer timeless classics, some of their glaze recipes have been in use for decades and developing new colours is a meticulous and extensive process.
Each of the new colourways come in a variety of formats and there are many moulding options too, so customers have plenty of shapes, sizes and designs to choose from.

Ascot Blue
Ascot Blue offers a vivid yet contemporary shade of blue, whilst still maintaining the rich feel all of Artworks tiles embody. With grey undertones, Ascot Blue offers a denim blue tone, perfect for those looking to create a traditional scheme with a modern edge.

‘Mixing darker blue shades with Ascot Blue brings out a completely different side to this colour, it feels rich and intense, with just the right amount of drama. Finish the look with warm brass or gold for an opulent feel.’ Becca Keenan, Designer at Original Style
Teapot Brown
The revival of rich, heritage tones inspired Original Style to create the Teapot brown glaze. Traditional in style, this colour is a great choice for those looking to restore period properties to their former glory. Its retro feel is also great for those with an eclectic taste, looking to add a traditional twist.

‘This earthy brown shade is calming and elegant, whilst offering a nod to historic colour palettes. Complimentary neutral colours pair perfectly with Teapot Brown, offering the perfect solution to warming up an interior scheme. Classic chrome finishes and linen textures are great options to achieve a heritage look.’ Becca Keenan, Designer at Original Style
Warm, golden tones make Ochre a brilliant choice for those looking to add character and depth to a space. Ochre features mustard yellow hues, inspired by natural earth toned pigments. This warm shade pairs naturally with Artworks Jet Black and Vintage White tiles to create a striking space with retro accents.

‘Reminiscent of 70’s interior design, Ochre is the epitome of mid-century modern. This saturated shade is a real all-rounder, colour block with other bright shades to create a retro scheme or go contemporary Victorian with darker greys and black.’ Becca Keenan, Designer at Original Style
Duchy Pink
Featuring rich pink tones Duchy Pink has a warm, vintage rose appeal, perfect for those looking to create a traditional scheme with a subtle injection of colour.
While it suits period styles, Duchy Pink is also a great choice for those looking to embrace a contemporary, avant-garde style within their homes. Pair with vintage textures, classic fixtures and fittings and antique style frames for an eclectic look with enduring style.

‘Period property but contemporary taste? Duchy Pink is for you. With neutrals and warmer tones very much on trend, Duchy pink is the perfect pairing to add a splash of colour to your warm-neutral palette. Consider a patterned Victorian floor tile, to embrace a traditional feel. Or maybe opt for a feature wallpaper that compliments the warm hues of Duchy Pink.’ Becca Keenan, Designer at Original Style

Victorian Floor Tiles

Original Style’s Victorian Floor Tile collection remains one of their most popular and iconic ranges offering a range of shapes, colours and hand-crafted decorated tiles that are created their factory in Devon, England.
Renowned for offering a wide range of authentic and original designs from Victorian and Edwardian times as well as more contemporary options, Original Style are always looking for ways to keep their Victorian Floor Tile collection as versatile as possible.
After careful consideration and a review of the current range, Original Style’s designers and craftspeople have created three new colourways within the Salisbury collection:

Muted tones of Taupe and pale grey create a more pared back look for the classic Salisbury design. These pastel tones lend themselves to more neutral schemes, offering a decorative option with a softer feel.

For a pop of colour and a contemporary edge, we’ve introduced Salisbury Blue. The cool greys and monochrome tones of this tile paired with this denim blue shade create a striking look, perfect for those looking to add impact and detail.

This colourway features a dark, earthy green shade alongside monochrome tones, for a classic look with a touch of colour. Use in period homes for a traditional look with a twist.

Images of each of these new collections can be found here: 

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