AW23 trend collections from Desenio​


Desenio has now launched their AW23 trend collections! Discover three different ways to bring new life to your home with curated collections inspired by upcoming interior trends that will be relevant for the upcoming season and beyond.​




Retro Dreamscape 

 Vintage references from the 70’s combine with a playful approach to design, incorporating childish shapes in a more mature colour scheme. Play with patterns and materials to create a James Bond-esque style with a modern look.​ ​

"This trend takes inspiration from retro design and its playful nature. Organic shapes are expressed in bold and warm colours, giving a masculine and polished feeling with the use of ceramics, metals, and dark woods," says Annica Wallin.


Whimsical Wonderland

The cottage-core aesthetic gets an edgy revamp, fusing English elegance with a hint of Alice in Wonderland madness. Combine bold with soft and loud with dainty, to escape the ordinary and curate a home that shows the truest version of you.​ ​

"This trend invites us to embrace the quaint English country lifestyle by daring to embrace maximalism in a playful way. Florals and feminine hues take centre-stage here, and we are invited to juxtapose antique furnishings with more modern elements,"

says Annica Wallin.​


Nordic Retreat

Welcome to the new definition of luxury: natural materials perfectly designed to evoke a feeling of peace and tranquility. Get closer to nature by incorporating art that expresses organic forms, with a nod to the purity of the Nordic wilderness.​ ​


"True to our Scandinavian heritage, Nordic Retreat is a trend that embodies the purity of nordic nature, combining minimalistic creams with wooden elements to create an environment that's elevated but understated,"

says Annica Wallin, Executive Creative Director at Desenio.​

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