Stone Anthology is the first digital wallpaper created by marbling artist Natascha Maksimovic.
A celebration of the Earth's geological diversity, showcasing the immense beauty that can be found in the natural world.
This wallpaper series is a sustainable alternative to costly stone, enjoying its beauty without the environmental impact.


The marbled pieces of Stone Anthology have been kept and treasured by Natascha over the past five years. Each piece comes from a previous print run, having captured the memory of the project and moment of creation.
Over time, Natascha has carefully curated these individual pieces, selecting and arranging them to form larger-scale artworks. The curation process involves considering various factors such as visual aesthetics, thematic colour palettes and narrative pattern flow



Two colour-ways are available:

Anthology I is centred around blues, pinks, soft yellows, and lavender. These main colours are complemented by textures of greens, orange, and sienna brown.

Anthology II is centred around greens, purples, lavender, pink and yellows complemented by textures of blues, orange and sienna brown.

Both sets interplay with these familiar colour and pattern textures. They have been designed to be applied as individual sets or can be interchanged to create a wider variety of patterns in large-scale projects. This flexibility allows for creative experimentation and customisation.

Digitally printed with water based inks onto ECO non-woven wallpaper.
One roll includes 2 panels measuring 100x300cm each / total area 6sqm
RRP £460
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NAT MAKS is Natascha Maksimovic, a marbling artist based in Margate, Kent. Natascha is working in the Japanese art form of ‘Suminagashi’ marbling, blurring the traditional boundaries of craft and art. 
Embracing the spirit of innovation, Natascha's creations are a captivating fusion of heritage and modernity. 
Drawing inspiration from the rich legacy of 'Suminagashi', each art piece she crafts tells a story of vibrant colours, mesmerizing patterns, and the interplay between fluidity and intention. 

Natascha's artistic journey is one of perpetual re-invention, as she fearlessly experiments with fresh colour palettes, explores uncharted possibilities, and creates thought-provoking compositions that ignite the imagination. 
Her commitment to innovation and reimagination is rooted in a deep desire to ensure that 'Suminagashi' marbling remains a beacon of creativity, admired not just for its historical significance but also for its relevance in our ever-evolving world.