With the temperatures dropping and thoughts turning to heating, it may come as no surprise that cast iron radiators are currently trending – in fact, searches in Pinterest are currently twice as high as the same period last year.

But according to heating specialist UK Radiators, when it comes to heating your home efficiently, cast iron radiators are not the solution.

Rob Nezard, Managing Director of UK Radiators – the UK’s leading supplier and distributor of radiators – said: “Cast iron radiators have been the go-to for a long time but times change and technology evolves, and more modern and efficient designs and materials mean greater benefits all round.

“Cast iron radiators are good thermal insulators, meaning they retain a lot of their heat. More energy is required to punch through the thermal insulation properties and more energy equals bigger bills.”

So when it comes to choosing the home’s next radiator, what should homeowners be searching for?

Rob said: “Steel column radiators are fantastic alternatives to traditional cast iron. They have all the same aesthetic appeal, but are much more efficient. Plus, they offer real value for money in terms of energy efficiency and when buying.”

As well as being fantastically efficient, UK Radiators’ range of steel column radiators are durable and each comes with a 15-year guarantee.

Prices start at £152 and all radiators are available from ukradiators.com

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UK Radiators are the UK’s leading online radiator supplier.

Renowned for quality products that not only look great but deliver excellent performance, UK Radiators are a family-run business with over 30 years’ experience in ensuring UK homes are heated in safety and style.

From traditional period-inspired pieces to contemporary designs, UK Radiators offer a wealth of choice when it comes to finding the ideal radiator for every home.

What’s more, all products are manufactured to meet all UK legislation and guidance, and UK Radiators’ team of experts are on-hand to offer guidance and advice.

UK Radiators are as committed to the environment as to its customers and plants a tree for every radiator sold. Plus, the British-based company use renewable energy to power the business and are committed to becoming carbon neutral.

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