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Keywords & searchability of your products - To ensure your products appear in all relevant search results and to increase the potential amount of downloads (and coverage!), it's good to include a variation of descriptive keywords. The more relevant keywords you add the more searches your products will appear in. Also remember to add key dates, Trends & Seasons in your keyword box when relevant.


To help you with your keywords, we have put together a list of little guide: 


Colours – v important
Fuchsia, pink, pale, dark, pastel, baby pink, candy,
blue, navy, Aqua, turquoise, Gold, metallic, Iridescent, clear
Bright, colourful, multi colour, dark, vibrant


spotty, spots dotty polka dot,
flowery, floral flowers
striped, stripy, Flock, Printed, paisley, graphics, faded, geometric
Leaf, Leaves, nature, natural,


Styles / Trends
modern, urban, funky, contemporary, retro, 50’s, seventies, sleek, simple, abstract
rustic, country, traditional, farmhouse, natural, classic
Scandi, Scandinavian,
Boho, shabby chic, vintage, folk, woodland,
boudoir, glamour, glam, glamorous, French,
Nautical, seaside
Gothic, Victorian
Handmade, eco, ethical, energy saving, green, biodegradable, recycled


Events / Seasons
***Gift / Present*** (always include both)
Wedding, bridal, bride, groom,
beach, travel, vacation, picnic, bbq, barbeque, barbecue,
holiday, party, celebration, dinner party, dining, alfresco, outdoors,camping, festival
New Years, Easter, Christmas, birthday, mothers day, fathers day
World cup, Wimbledon, Rugby, Golf, Olympics
Summer / autumn / winter/ spring


Materials / Textures
Wood, Wooden, Metallic, Metal, Fluffy, textured, rough, smooth, shiny, coarse, upholstered, upholstery, shimmery, sparkly, transparent, glass, crystal, beaded, beaten, faded, weathered


Who is it for?
brother, sister, mum, dad, girlfriend, granddad, grandad (sic), grandma, granny, gran, husband, wife, partner, teenager, kid, child, children,
Hobbies: cook, chef, gardener, sport , sporty, sports fan, film fan, gold, rugby, football, crafts, art, animal lover, pet




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