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KOKET shines in 2020 Color Trends


25 Feb 2020

Color Can Completely Transform a Room - Incorporate 2020 Color Trends with Timeless Luxury Decor by KOKET​


Each year, major companies such as Benjamin Moore and Pantone announce their color of the year and interior designers and consumers adopt these colors to create unique and beautiful spaces. 2020 color trends are all about warm, comforting and familiar tones. From classic neutrals and cozy yellows, reds, and oranges to confident and serene blues and calming lilac and mint tones. Color can completely transform a room and KOKET has something for every trending color palette! Read on and be inspired by KOKET’s 2020 color trend moodboards.

From the rich tone of greige balancing fabulously with both cool and warm color schemes to the soft warm tone of champagne, the sumptuous upholstery of KOKET designs such as the Naomi Chair and Kelly Sofa, the stunning mother-of-pearl finished Camilia Armoire and the glamorous White Bird Eye veneer of the Fleur Nightstand are sure-fire ways to add neutral bliss to any space.

Warm, vibrant and whimsical, when the brilliance of pure yellow and its orange-infused mango tone cover designs such as KOKET’s Chignon Sofa or Mimi Chair sweet happy vibes are instantly created.

Sure to bring out your wild side, Red Pepper and the orange-infused Pumpkin Red make for a striking statement when added to your interior with designs like KOKET’s Besame or Arendal Chair.

From the calm soothing tone of Bluebird to the classic, enduring confidence of Navy, upholstered in these cool blue tones designs such as KOKET’s Enchanted Sofa, Mimi Bar Stool, and Bolvardi Bench will undoubtedly add strength and serenity to any interior.

Fresh, clean, and crisp, Mint tones are the perfect way to create a cool yet vibrant space. Upholstered in this icy tone, designs like KOKET’s Colette Sofa and Rita Stool add a refreshing splash of color.

Fierce red undertones blend with the calm of blue and nobility of purple in Dusty Lilac and Fuchsia. Graceful and elegant yet simultaneously grand and charming, stability meets powerful energy when you add a piece such as KOKET’s Mademoiselle Armoire with its whimsical butterfly pattern over Fuchsia or the Colette Sofa with its sexy curves to your space. 

5 Tips to Make Your Valentine's Day Extra Special

Animi Causa

04 Feb 2020

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you want your Valentine’s Day with your special someone to be just as special as they are, take the time to read the following 5 tips that will help your romantic Valentine’s Day be the best that it can be.

Tip #1: Take your time to make your gift look nice

One of the most important things about any Valentine's Day gift--no matter how big or small--is how it's wrapped. A nicely wrapped gift shows the person that you love that you care enough to take the time to make it look nice. Make sure that if you wrap the gift in paper, you take the time to keep it neat and creased; consider adding a ribbon, such as a Gifted - Elastic gift wrap, especially if it's not a gift that can be easily wrapped in a box.

Tip #2: Cook a romantic dinner at home

If you love to cook, show your appreciation for your special someone by cooking a romantic dinner that you can enjoy in the privacy of your own home! In addition to a nice meal, take the time to consider the setting. Use cute couple-themed dishes, such as a Sparrow Salad Set - Bowl Fork & Spoon; or decorate the table with a fun centerpiece, like a bouquet of fresh flowers or the Impossible Bottle.

Tip #3: Consider a gift that will make your loved one smile

Everyone loves to smile, especially on Valentine's Day! Choosing a gift can be hard, so make sure to look for one that will make your loved one smile. If they love books, opt for something fun like these Supercouple bookends; or if they like a good challenge, consider the You Complete Me Puzzle, which will give them an elegant puzzle to complete on a rainy day. For cat lovers, opt for a framed photo of their cat or the Duo meow - Two Decorative Cat Silhouettes decorations. If your loved one is always losing their keys, why not get them the Key Pete Couple, a magnetic key holder that will keep them from getting lost!

Tip #4: Have a romantic breakfast or brunch together

It's not all about dinner! Valentine's Day breakfast or lunch can be just as special. To make things truly romantic, consider kicking up your breakfast or lunch by using the Sweet Heart - Strawberry cutter to give your berries an extra love-related boost. If your loved one enjoys tea, use the Tulip - Tea Infuser to bring them their favorite cup in bed. Don’t forget to start the day organized—installing the Klick - Wall Hanger & Photo Frame will help make your home’s coat rack or nook even more special with a personal touch.

Tip #5: Keep it fun!

Valentine’s Day should, above all, be fun and romantic—so make sure to keep things light, fun, and enjoy yourself!

Remember to consider the above tips on this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Source: Animi Causa

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Be KOKET's Valentine and celebrate Love


30 Jan 2020


Let Love Happen with KOKET! Seductive Finishes, Voluptuous Curves, and Lush Textures in Tones of Red and Gold Generate Heat and Passion at Home

Pulse racing. Heart pounding. A warmth running through your body. We all know this feeling brought on as a wave of love envelops us. That rush of endorphins. The feeling that your world is still, yet vibrantly electric. A sense of invincibility and ‘damn I’m sexy’!

Imagining a special someone? Of course! But who says this delicious burning sensation can’t be evoked by your surroundings too? Stir your innermost desire to feel the warmth of love, and the powerful sexiness of an endorphin rush, by surrounding yourself with alluring materials and voluptuous decor in pinks, reds, and golds from KOKET!

The Sevilliana Sofa in red creates an instant spark. Inspired by wild, passionate nights of the Spanish dance, you are sure to feel the love as you curl up in the Sevilliana’s graceful curves reminiscent of the dancing girls of Sevillana. Or capture the alluring essence of a magical forest with the Enchanted Sofa. Its antique gilded branch like structure can’t help but mesmerize anyone in its presence.


For a touch of romantic bling, the Gem Table Lamp in pink serves as a constant reminder of the power of pink and gemstones when it comes to the topic of love.


Bring romance to the bedroom with KOKET’s original boudoir temptress, the Forbidden Bed.
Embodying all that is sultry and seductive, Forbidden’s hand-carved sculptural crown celebrates the sensuous union of lips and body, that moment time stands still and a deep yearning awakens.

Inspired by the power and intrigue of the Geisha, a Japanese hostess highly trained to entertain men through the art of conversation, dance, and song, the Geisha Chair delivers powerful passion.


Powerful and loving, the Goddess Mirror reflects your inner beauty and unique brilliance as its two-hundred brass hands encircle you, reaching to lifting you up to the pedestal on which you belong.

Love is a language we speak with all of our senses! Warm, sweet, sensual, KOKET’s signature Empowering Scent simultaneously infuses your space with mysterious, classic, and sexy vibes.

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