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Elevate your Home for Holiday Entertaining


28 Jul 2022

The holiday season often calls for an increase in entertaining which in turn, of course, drums up a desire to spruce up your living room and dining room. Bring in statement designs and warm and cozy materials for the perfect holiday entertaining spaces!

Living Room

Let’s start in the living room where phase one of holiday entertaining begins! Warm colors and cozy seating arrangements make for a beautiful and inviting living room space.

Home Bar

KOKET’s Temptation Bar Cabinet will steal cocktail hour with its exotic feather doors, sexy curved lacquered legs, and chic black and gold interior perfectly designed to store your wine and cocktail accouterments. Open or closed with its flirty tassel pulls, this bar cabinet is ready for a party!

Dining Room

Next, let’s move to the dining room. It is here during the holidays we join our family and friends to share food and laughter! So creating a comfortable and welcoming space is of top importance.
If you’re looking for a smaller more intimate dining room, a round dining table like KOKET’s Allure is the perfect choice for creating moments of indulgence. With its interlacing metal base’s shapely silhouette and sophisticated glass top, it will without a doubt bring intimate glamour to your dining room.

If you are looking to entertain a large group, opt for a long rectangular dining table like KOKET’s Ribbon. With its playful base adorned in gold leaf and elegant glass top, the Ribbon will bring luxurious vibes to your dining room. Add a special sideboard, comfortable chairs, and a statement chandelier to complete the look.

Coat Your Hair in Lightweight Shine Using “Liqui...

Ellips Haircare

27 Jul 2022

An emerging hair care brand is making its way to the U.S. with “liquid gold” treatments that are pure bliss, giving hair the radiance and moisture it craves. 

Meet Ellips, Asia's #1 hair vitamin serum for gorgeous hair at your fingertips. The brand was created to repair and revitalize damaged hair. Apply on damp, combed hair and continue with your styling routine. I’d love to send you samples for an upcoming story or round-up. 

The topical hair vitamin serums come in conveniently pre-portioned capsules for daily treatment that produces a healthy shine. You’ll glow this summer with these tiny pods packed with vitamins (vitamin A, C, E, Pro Vit B-5) and Moroccan oil (sourced from Argan fruit trees exclusive to Morocco). There are four Ellips hair vitamin serums specific to each hair need. 

Hair Treatment for all hair types, damaged hair (bestseller) - Special ingredient is jojoba oil. It moisturizes and conditions hair by penetrating its outer cuticle. It can repair damage from heat and styling.

Smooth & Shiny for untreated hair - For maintaining smooth and shiny hair. The special ingredient is aloe vera to strengthen and repair hair strands. 

Nutri-Color, best used for color-treated hair - Use to nourish colored hair with Ellips’ Triple Care Formulation. It locks the hair coloring to last longer. Special ingredients include sunflower oil to keep hair soft and moist and assist with untangling, while soybean (glycine soya) oil improves moisture retention and shine. 

Hair Vitality for strengthening and preventing breakage - For brittle and rough hair treatment with ginseng to prevent hair thinning and breakage. Honey is used as a great hair moisturizer and adds shine to dull hair.

Price: $22/50 capsules in a Jar | $8/12 capsules in a twin-pack


Ellips hair vitamin serums are fast becoming rituals for effortless, effective, and convenient hair care. These antioxidant-filled powerhouses offer weightless hydration in a biodegradable capsule with a delicate scent that evokes a rose garden.

See for yourself. Interested in a sample?




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