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The best way to decorate bathrooms in Summer

Maison Valentina

25 May 2023

With the arrival of summer, it is time to think about how to update the design inside and outside the home according to the trends that the hottest season brings. Maison Valentina will give you some tips to make your bathroom look as 'summery' as possible.

Shades of Blue

Blue is in fashion and this is the first trend of the summer of 2023 that we will cover. The shades of blue bring freshness and tranquility to any environment, as we can see in the highlighted image, which features the Newton Pedestal Sink as the main star. This blue tone with Maison Valentina products has everything to do with the idea of freshness that we so much look for in the summer.


Natural Materials

Another trend to stand out in interior design in the summer is natural materials. The next season will give priority to products that have a natural origin such as stone and wood, for example. The natural product we will talk about here is marble. In the featured room, we have the Symphony Vessel Sink with a bold design in the shape of a cogwheel. This piece is made of marble that stars this environment that is ideal to decorate a bathroom with elegance and sophistication.


Vibrant Colors

Summer is a time for strong and vibrant colors, and this is no different in interior design. Gold is one of the hues that are on trend for the hottest season of the year. Maison Valentina is aware of these trends and has a series of products and environments that highlight the gold in their environments. One of them stars Lapiaz Vanity Cabinet and Colosseum Mirror, two products of the brand that have details in gold and will certainly be a success this time of the year.


BRABBU is ready for Summer

Brabbu Design Forces

25 May 2023

Summer is the time of year most celebrated by many. The days become more colourful and sunny. This mood of a new season is also reflected in the decoration of the home. As it could not be any other way, BRABBU presents some of the trends for the hottest season of the year.



With the longer and warmer days, it is normal to want to enjoy the outdoors more. That's why it is important to think about decorating the outside of the house. BRABBU has a series of products that are perfectly suited to the outdoors. Two of them are in the environment in focus: Agra Black Dining Table and Kansas Dining Chair. Besides having elegance, this environment shows all the modernity and fierceness that are remarkable at BRABBU.


Earthy Tones

Summer is all about the beach, sun, and water. In summer, however, we also have more contact with the countryside and the earth. The second trend we will talk about here is the earthy tones. In the highlighted environment, we have the NAJ Dining Chair by BRABBU in Terracotta. This tone will be on trend during the summer, which will emphasize the importance of the earth and nature. Therefore, using a shade such as Terracotta is a wise choice for this hot season.



The importance of nature is also evident in this other trend we will present. Bamboo is not a very common material or the first to be remembered when we want to decorate a space. This material, however, is on trend for the summer. Besides giving an air of naturalness to any environment, bamboo is also resistant and durable, which makes it perfect for outdoor decoration. BRABBU has products made of bamboo, one of them is the Mambu Bookcase. This product is versatile and combines to decorate a living room, reading corners and outdoors.


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