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Blinds 2go

13 Nov 2019

When it comes to window dressings, Britain’s leading online window blinds retailer, Blinds 2go knows that practicality is the key in a kitchen or bathroom environment. However, this doesn’t need to come at the expense of style. Despite the constant battle with steam, condensation and humidity there are still plenty of exciting options to choose from.

Blinds 2go have some great advice when it comes to choosing the right blind as well as a host of new and exciting designs to choose from in their extensive collection. “Our waterproof faux wood blinds are an excellent choice when it comes to the harsh environments of kitchens and bathrooms”, commented Alison Gore, Marketing Director at Blinds 2go. “Made from hardwearing PVC, they won’t warp, crack or peel. We also have an incredible range of waterproof and water-resistant roller blinds that work incredibly well and come in a host of stylish fabrics and exclusive designs.”

While faux wood blinds and roller blinds are ever popular and versatile, Blinds 2go also offers plenty of solutions to more specific practical needs. Privacy and light is a balance that often needs to be struck, especially in a bathroom.

If your bathroom windows are overlooked, then Duolight & DuoShade pleated blinds with a Top Down/Bottom Up system are an ideal choice. They can be manoeuvred easily to cover any part of the window, maintaining your privacy whilst still allowing light into the room.These blinds also benefit from a honeycomb fabric and blackout lining making them thermally efficient and providing perfect shading..

Other popular options for kitchens and bathrooms include the Enjoy Day and Night roller blinds, double roller blinds and beautiful plantation shutter blinds. Each offers their own take on privacy and light and are made from polyester or PVC to withstand humid environments. Enjoy blinds are a unique, double layered blind which is half voile, half regular roller blind, revolutionising the way you shade your space. Double Roller Blinds are two separate blinds on one mechanism. One-part Magic Screen for the view, one-part blackout roller for incredible shading and privacy. Blinds 2go’s plantation shutter blinds are made from an advanced polymer that is virtually indestructible. Resistant to warping, cracking and peeling they come in a selection of on trend painted finishes as well as a selection of glorious whites to brighten up your kitchen and bathroom space.

Blinds 2go blinds are priced from an incredible £8.97 for a made to measure faux wood blind.

For further information, free fabric samples, instant prices and a huge array of choice, visit: or freephone: 0800 862 0464

For Ireland visit and contact: 01 969 7247

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