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Say Hello To The Ingenious Maya Bunk Bed

Noa and Nani

23 Aug 2019

Maya Bunk Bed in Grey by Noa & Nani

The Maya bunk bed is no ordinary bed, Maya is a true all-star! It is a fantastic bunk bed that combines ingenious space-savvy features with a super cool, contemporary design that kids and parents adore. Maya is a brilliant addition to your children's bedroom!

There is something magical about bunk beds that kids just love. They capture their imagination and provide a space they can escape to away from pesky parents and annoying siblings! Kids love sleeping up high on this unusual cabin bed, while the under-bed area is great for when friends come to stay. It can also easily be transformed into a funky den where they can hang out, a quiet area to do homework or extra storage space. It's a handy multifunctional space that you can adapt as they grow and their needs change.


The Maya bunk has some unique features that make optimum use of space. Instead of a ladder leading little ones up to bed, there is a cool stairway of drawers with a sturdy handrail leading up to the sleeping area. The stairs provide a safe route to the top bunk, while the drawers are handy for storing toys, bedding, clothing or general knick-knacks. As any parent knows, you can never have enough storage!


This sturdy bunk bed is made from solid pine and finished in a contemporary light grey that promises to compliment all colour schemes. We also have a full range of accessories for the Maya bunk bed, including handy pocket bed organisers that attach to the bedframe and provide storage for bedtime books and teddies. And shelves that hook over the side of the top bunk to make their bed into a more adaptable space.


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