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Art Prints AI: Behold - The Future Of Wall Decor I...

Art Prints Ai

24 Mar 2023


Art Prints AI: Behold - The Future Of Wall Decor Is Here

San Francisco, California - Art Prints AI is proud to announce the launch of their innovative new collection of modern wall decor. This new collection is a collaborative effort between our talented prompt artists and cutting-edge AI technology, resulting in a stunning and unique collection of decorative wall art.

Art Prints AI founder has long been known as a leading provider of high-quality wall decor, and our new line is no exception. With the help of AI technology, we have been able to curate a collection of art prints that are both modern and timeless. Our AI technology uses advanced algorithms to analyze and understand the latest trends in design, allowing us to create pieces that are always on-trend.

Our collection features a variety of styles and subjects, from abstract and geometric designs to landscapes and cityscapes. Each print is expertly curated by our team of prompt artists, who work alongside our AI technology to create pieces that are both visually stunning and emotionally engaging.

"We're excited to be at the forefront of the future of wall decor," said Ricki Mountain Founder. "Our collaboration with AI technology allows us to create pieces that are truly unique and innovative. We're proud to offer our customers a collection of art prints that are not only beautiful but also reflect the latest design trends."

The new collection is available now on our website, Art Prints AI offers free shipping in the US on all orders over $250.00, as well as a satisfaction guarantee. Customers can also take advantage of our framing  options to create a truly customized piece of wall art.

For more information about Art Prints AI and our new collection, please visit our website or contact us at:

Media Contact:
Ricki Mountain
Art Prints AI

Oh La La the Curves at Paris Fashion Week for Inte...


10 Feb 2023

Designers, street style influencers, industry insiders and editors filled Paris this past January for the city's annual fashion week for interiors. All in search of the most inspiring creations and looks the home decor and fabric houses have to offer.

For this year's January edition of the biannual Maison & Objet fair the theme was 'Take Care' centered around creating harmony within the home. With this in mind designers were seen choosing objects carefully and consciously, while artisans and manufacturers were committed to inspiring a sense of wellness, and promoting quality and longevity. All of this was evident in the collections presented that celebrated comfort, natural materials, earthy tones, and patterns that evoke a sense of calm whilst remaining innovative and refreshing.

At the week's other main event, Paris Deco Off, our favorite runway and source of design inspiration presented warm tones, fantastical florals, soft picturesque scenes, exotic bamboo, natural wall materials, abstract foliage, and embroideries.

KOKET, the queen of glamour did not shy away from this year’s theme and the challenge to show a softer side of her usual exuberant style.

KOKET’s plans for this year’s theme began with the Oh La La Chair.

As they say, comfort breeds confidence! An ideal fit for chic, modern homes, it's safe to say that it is guaranteed to not only turn heads but make every viewer go "ÓH LA LA!” The delightful Oh La La chair will add a potent mix of wow and sheer radiance, regardless of which room it's put in.


Nothing but soft curves this season evoking a sense of comfort and causal luxury and KOKET was present with the Luscious, Cocktails & Deb.

Cocktail Chair

Like the olive to a martini, sipping cocktails and lounging in luxury go hand-in-hand. The plush body of the Cocktail Armchair hugs your every curve while you softly melt into the creamy upholstery fabric. Cheers!

Deb Sofa

Summoning youthful vibes with its layering of curves, the Deb Sofa offers just the perfect blend of flirty fun and modern sophistication. Fully upholstered and flawlessly scaled for comfort, this delightful sofa is ready to charm your interior.

Luscious Sofa 

Let the Luscious sofa's deep plush and sensual curves seduce you. Rippling pleats and provocative metal detailing add a stylish edge to this lavish statement sofa.


KOKET's Enchanted Collection is a perfect example of this season’s fantastical forest theme. Our artisans have masterfully captured the alluring essence of an enchanted forest binding antique gilded branch like structure together to create mesmerizing pieces.

Side tables with an option of tops, dining tables with solid bases or free flowing branches, dining chairs with branch like backs, and sofas which will envelop you with delicate branches and comfort.

All upholstery available in the latest textile collection or COM.


KOKET Finishes

What makes KOKET a unique stand alone brand is our finishes and this season more than any other our products are made with one-of-a-kind handcrafted finishes.

Cast brass finished in antique gold, silver and copper bring rose bushes, delicate tree branches, and florals to eternal life.


Stella Mirror

Cherish the beauty of every passing glance or intimate encounter with the flawless mirrored glass and exotic floral frame of the Stella. Fanciful stems and ethereal calla lilies accented with crystals create a charmed halo around anything that is captured by its radiant reflection.


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