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22 Jul 2021

One of the Simplest ways to  Create Interior Excitement IS With Pops of Color- Add a Pop of KK by Koket and Your Interior Will Instantly Feel Alive



Whether looking to add interest, or tie a current color across an otherwise neutral palette, a pop of color is just what you need. Of course, you must consider color pops when it comes to your fashion choices. But today we are here to talk about creating powerful pops of color in interior design. And especially with your seating choices.

A bold orange velvet bar stool to enliven a white kitchen, or perhaps a rose-colored chair to contrast a jade green wall. Think about coordinating and opposing colors and materials when picking your pops. An easy task with KK by Koket, a collection filled with perfect pieces for color poping! With a variety of finish and textile options finding just the right pop for your space becomes easy

While you can certainly keep your kitchen all neutral, if you opt to liven up your white cabinets and floor with teal counters then you definitely need the perfect bar stools to match.

Chartreuse green and rose pink have long been a favorite color combination thanks to the way chartreuse elegantly pops against rose. Easily try out the combo with paint and a KK by KOKET pouf!

Perfectly petite while offering just the right shape to pull you in, who wouldn’t want to find a place for a pop of color with the Aberdeen Chair. While you may not think you need more seating if you have an empty corner, adding a colorful chair can make an instant statement in your space.

When your interior has neutral walls and floors a pop of color upholstery is a great way to create interest. Say hello to Tayma, beautiful jewel tones are ready to bring sophisticated charm to your interior with this bubbly chair

Chic and stylish the London Chair stands striking in any color, so why not go for a bold pop of purple or red for some vibrant drama. 

Seeking serene vibes? Go for a cool green color pop for just the right touch of color excitement without any drama.

Perhaps the easiest way to drop a pop of color in any room in your home is to add a pouf like KK by KOKET’s Seville. Function, style, and color options for every look await!

Lighting Trends for Fall


20 Jul 2021


What are the trends in lighting that will bring the rustic, cozy fall mood to your home while providing you with the lighting you need? Discover here in our selection and get inspired! 

Create a cozy spaces with Floor Lamps

With natural light in increasingly short supply in the fall, it can be tempting to compensate by turning to overhead fittings to flood your rooms with as much indoor light as possible. Floor lamps are great for lighting armchairs to create a cozy reading nook, for example. Our Turner floor Lamp has an exclusive and luxury design, this MidCentury modern floor lamp is inspired by Tina Turner's exuberance and it's the perfect option for a modern reading nook. 

Give a touch of charm in your home with Table Lamps

We know that the Fall season bears cooler temps and less daylight, which makes it the perfect time to add more layers of light into your home.  The addition of table lamps to high task and traffic areas will make those dark evenings much cozier and more inviting while giving added lumen output and brightness to important spaces.  Combined with other overhead light sources, the extra layer of lighting that table lamps provide can make all the difference this time of year, while adding a touch of charm to your space. Our Miles table lamp is a classic mid-century modern table lamp, which brings back the sophisticated atmosphere of the 50s to any space. 

Bring Golden Glamour with Suspension Lamps

Gold is definitely king when it comes to metal finish trends.  Perfect for Fall, this warm hue adds a rich boldness to its environment and can bring a level of elegance and sophistication to any room. Adding a touch of this lustrous metal to your decor this season is a sure way to make your home on-trend and ready for Fall! Our Botti Diamond suspension lamp is the perfect option for bringing glamour to any room. This modern suspension lighting has a structure handmade in brass, boosted with a sophisticated gold-plated finish, and elevated with small series of aluminum spheres creating the unique modern diamond shape, just like it was a precious stone. 


Press Team 

Press Officer – Nadiele Ventura:




30 Jun 2021

Living in a new world, much of which is being spent at home. So, what better time than now to redecorate to optimize wellness within your home while helping pass the time. These 4  tips from the internationally renowned luxury decor brand KOKET are sure to help to promote Wellness. 

What better way to enjoy time at home than in a special relaxing nook?! If you don’t have one of these spaces already now is the time to create it. The first step is to pick a corner. Then add your favorite seat to curl up in. A chaise like KOKET’s Envy is a fabulous piece for a cozy niche. Next place a small side table next to it for your drink of choice and reading materials. Be sure you have good lighting, natural from a window is ideal, but adding a floor lamp or table lamp is also a great idea for after dark enjoyment. For extra coziness add a fur throw and/or some cheery accent pillows. Now curl up and enjoy a moment all to yourself. 

Bringing the outdoors in is a great way to promote wellness at home. Open your curtains to let in natural light. If it’s warm enough open your window and doors to let in the fresh air as well. You can also bring the outdoors in with flowers and plants. Or if you are looking for a more permanent home update, look for nature-inspired decor or furnishings featuring natural materials such as KOKET’s Vivre Chandelier featuring agate stones, or the Enchanted collection featuring branch inspired metalwork.

Whether natural or artificial, lighting is key to promoting wellness in your home. Light creates ambiance and can really change the mood of an interior quite drastically. Work with what you have for natural light, letting it in as you can by opening curtains and windows during the day. When it comes to artificial light, think about the placement of each of your table and floor lamps – do you have enough? What if you used a different bulb color?

Last but certainly not least, and perhaps one of the quickest and easiest ways to create a calm and positive environment in your home—add scent. Light a candle, open a diffuser of Empowering Scent by KOKET, or turn on a scented oil humidifier.

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