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Doing Black Friday Differently

Rebecca Udall

14 Nov 2019

The brand ethos of Rebecca Udall and Black Friday don’t mix. It’s the opposite of slow living and buying less, better (the brand’s mantra).
Rebecca Udall will be offering an unusual Black Friday deal: a notable portion of orders placed 29 November - 2 December will go to charity to support the less fortunate this Christmas, associated with the brand's related categories of "bed" and "table".
20% of the purchase price of full price items will be split between the following charities:

LONDON BASKET BRIGADE: helping to feed disadvantaged families in London
CRISIS: supporting the homeless
CENTREPOINT: providing homeless young people with accommodation, health support and life skills to get them back into education, training and employment 

An average set of our bed linen (£300) will provide a £60 donation, paying for:

A Christmas lunch for one homeless person with CRISIS*
And a Christmas lunch for a disadvantaged family of four
And a room for a night for a homeless young person

*information taken from the respective charity’s website 

Quotes from Rebecca:
“I have worked in retail for 10 years this year. Black Friday didn't exist in the UK in 2009 and now it is one of the highest retail sales days in the retail calendar year - if not the most.
We’ve all seen the videos of shoppers aggressively elbowing one another to attain “the deal of the century”. I think it’s so sad. 

I believe more people are now realising that Black Friday deals are not always a steal. They are frequently another marketing tactic for retailers to clear slow or past season stock or to sell "Black Friday" purchased products - possibly lower quality to their usual range. I know this having worked in buying departments before starting my business.

Excessive consumption has disastrous effects on the environment which we are much more acutely aware. I hope our campaign makes people think a bit deeper about Black Friday in the mad haze of Christmas shopping. There are so many people that particularly struggle at this time of year. Are there disadvantaged people near you that could benefit from you donating the amount you would spend on a Black Friday "deal"? Are you buying something because you really need it or because it's a perceived deal?"


Rebecca Udall, launched April 2019, is a luxury online direct to consumer homewares brand specialising in bed and table linens.


The brand's approach to luxury is: provenance, design, quality, longevity, customisation and ethics.


Products are sourced from artisan and heritage manufacturers, mostly European. For example, cotton bed linen is woven by a heritage Italian manufacturer who supplies linens to the most luxurious hotels. Napkins use linen from certified Masters of Linen, of which there are only 13 in the World: European linen from seed to finished product. 

Mineheart's Christmas Gift Guide


14 Nov 2019

With Christmas fast approaching, we have curated a selection of gifts ranging from scarves to ceramics - perfect for the art and decor lover!

The Mineheart Ceramic collections can spruce up any dining spaces this Christmas with a selection of plates, ceramic dogs and clocks!

Our Precious Classic soy wax candle collection have been infused with the scents of lavender, sandalwood and cashmere - these candles burning in your home are a perfect way to subtly add a wonderful fragrance to your space.

The wax in our candles is produced from soy beans, a natural, renewable source, making our candles 100% vegan and 100% paraffin free.


Featuring 10 designs, made from a blend of mulberry silk and modal fabric - modal fabric is a super soft fibre made from beech trees, for a supple and lightweight fashion accessory. Showcasing a range of artistic styles and techniques, these designs will work flawlessly with your favourite outfit. Supplied in an embossed gift box. 


Protect your laptop, iPad, stationery, or travel kit in style with the Mineheart zipped clutch bag. Made from hard-wearing recycled PET fabric they offer elegant protection for your tech or possessions delivered in the classic Mineheart spirit. Suitable for use as travel bag, clutch purse or pencil case. Available in 3 sizes.

Mineheart has over 30 cushion designs available - varying sizes and materials!

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