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The Story of Elegance

Story of Elegance

20 Jan 2020



We are a brand new British Luxury Greeting Cards and Stationery brand. 


The perfect contribution to the stationery market, the collection brings innovation and combines it with British Luxury and craftsmanship. The range of greeting cards and stationery to come are bold, colourful, personal, full of positivity, humour and charisma.



Intertwined into the products is a personal tone of voice making your gift to them relatable. Carefully and thoughtfully, the wording on each greeting card, notebook, journal or accessory feels like a highly personal message and gesture from the customer to their loved one, family member or friend.



With no restrictions or limitations, customers can shop freely as the entire range of greeting cards have been designed to cover all occasions. An even better way to shop as there are 7 collections, helping you celebrate in your own way. Choose from Alphabet, Bpower, Celebration, Fempower, Gratitude, Humour and Inspired.
When it comes to purchasing the perfect birthday card, rest assured the tradition is covered.
Shop for an elegant card whether it be for, an anniversary, your boss, new job, new home, an addition to the family or even just to share your gratiude.



Quality gifting, combined with kind words along with gratitude and the uplifting of others is at the forefront of what Story of Elegance is all about. We believe stationery is all about being able to show expression through crafting; which in the end creates sentimental memories.
The brand wish is that as well as the look and feel of the products, customers, are inspired and feel special when they purchase or receive the products. The emphasis and importance to spread great energy into the world whilst representing this throughout the range is the brand mission and ethos.


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Twin sisters reunite and create slow living interi...

Kinfolk Decor

20 Jan 2020

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Twin sisters, Karen Spawton and Hayley Hall (37) have lived at the opposite ends of the country for almost 20 years. Last year, when it seemed that life was too short and too precious to miss each other for a moment longer, Hayley took the radical decision to relocate her husband and two children from Berkshire, to the wilds of the impressive Northern Pennines.  Being on the door step of her twin would mean they could fulfil a long dreamed of ambition of setting up an interiors business together.

“After visiting Karen and her family just a few times it became an obsession of mine to move here. It was a no-brainer to me. A better quality of life, a slower pace, more beautiful surroundings and of course being near to and working with my twin sister and best friend.”

The reality of such a big decision struck on moving day when Hayley and her family had to say tearful goodbyes to family, dear friends and a wonderful primary school. But they knew in their hearts that a better quality of life awaited them 300 miles away. “We don’t miss the south of England at all! We miss our friends and family very much, but they love coming to visit as it is an area of the country most people haven’t discovered before, and it’s beauty speaks for itself. Life here is calmer, we both work from home and we spend more time focusing on the great outdoors. We spend a lot of weekends exploring the Lake District too which has been a passion of Andy’s and mine since we got engaged there ten years ago.”

The big move went swimmingly well which reinforced to the twins that it was the right decision. Within a year Hayley has moved in and begun renovating her farmhouse, the children have settled well at the same school as their cousin, her husband's new job has panned out nicely. And Hayley and Karen have launched their new business, Kinfolk Decor, an online interiors store.


Kinfolk aims to immerse customers in the wilderness of the rugged Northern Pennines on the cusp of Northumberland. The collections are hand-picked based on inspiration taken from this rustic landscape.  At Kinfolk we believe bringing natural materials in to the home adds contentment and serenity to slow the pace of today’s modern living.   

Twins Hayley and Karen are Kinfolk’s creators. They live close by, each of their family homes nestled amongst the stunning backdrop of the Northern Pennines, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Kinfolk was inspired by the breathtaking views of the rugged, weather-beaten fells and a shared passion for interior design.

“We wish all of our customer’s who shop with us to take away a part of what we enjoy everyday. Whether someone lives in the bustling city or the quaintness of the Cotswolds. New build or period home, everyone can bring nature to their doorstep and enjoy the serenity of a calmer home environment, and here is where to start.” Hayley Hall, Founder


“Living in the moment is a skill we can all learn. Once I stopped rushing through life I realised how much life we had time for. Mindful living doesn’t have to be all the time, but it can be a fleeting moment over a cup of tea, or snuggling down under crisp, fresh linen sheets - be present in the moment. Fast pace living has become glamorised, but the real beauty is in simplicity, it is so easily achieved, and this inspired Kinfolk.” Karen Spawton, Founder


Ultimately Kinfolk brings naturally beautiful style in to the home using leathers, furs, woods and linens. Kinfolk’s simplicity of design and elegant hues stand the test of time in a world of throw away fashion. As part of a commitment to less waste Kinfolk also aims to reuse packaging wherever possible for customer orders. The importance of recycling and reusing has never been so important. Kinfolk encourages customers to do the same with the packaging of the goods they receive too.


The store is fully online with the view to one day perhaps opening a physical store in a selected location nearby.

Currently the website houses all of the items which can be purchased directly from the site, the website is also a lifestyle blog about embracing the beautiful simplicities in life which can benefit us all and is so readily available to us, if we can just slow down enough to experience them!

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