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Winter Light, Candlelight


16 Aug 2019

Here at The Shop Floor Project, we have an evergrowing collection of painted candle holders and magical sconces to keep winter cosy...

There is something magical about candlelight and Swedish maker Malin Appelgren dedicates her life to magnifying it. Her work is a perennial favourite at The Shop Floor Project and we often develop new ideas with her. This season we have added a wall sconce version of her Pressed Leaf designs - all hand beaten and stamped with the maker's mark.

Hand Thrown Light

This collection of hand-thrown ceramic candlesticks by Katrin Moye feature her signature snowy Garland pattern, developed exclusively for The Shop Floor Project. In various shapes and sizes, prices from £225. We are also stocking a range of hand-dipped beeswax candles, made in Cumbria, a few miles from our HQ.

Cast of Characters

This characterful collection of candle-holders by British artist Ellen Hayward, exclusively for The Shop Floor Project, are folk art inspired designs with a snowy, wintery feel and are available in both black and white colourways; each with varying characters.

A Menagerie of Animals

These one-off candlesticks by Claudia Rankin show her love of bold colours and naive yet refined sense of nature, the creatures "simultaneously innocent yet knowing".

Other Ideas for Winter & Christmas

We have a wide variety of Christmas gifts and decorations, from pomegranates and pears, to paper garlands and patterned crowns...

Scent of an Abbey

The Benedictine Monks of Prinknash Abbey have been blending incense since 1906 when the community was on Caldey Island and are now the oldest major incense blenders in Europe. Available in three calming, atmospheric scents, our pure incense resin is £4.50 a box and our cast iron burner is £12.

Ripe for the Picking

Our glass baubles this year come in the form of fruit, vegetables and sweets. Hand blown in a traditional workshop in Egypt, the pears, pomegranates, figs, pineapples, strawberries and pumpkins can be hung on the tree or grouped on the table for a Baroque-inspired still-life display.

Bah Humbug!

Wrapped in gold waxed paper with crimped edges, our new hand-blown glass sweet baubles are made in a traditional workshop in Egypt. With small holes for ribbon, they can easily be hung on the tree, or equally, they would make a fantastic display dotted around the Christmas table. 

All Wrapped Up

There's nothing like beautiful wrapping paper. Our paper is available in two designs; Winter Seed-pods and Celestial in eight colourways. Not just for gifts, they make great decorative papers for lining cupboards or even wallpaper - as demonstrated by a customer who used several sheets to paper her downstairs loo!

Cosy Feet

It's just not Christmas without some new cosy socks! These colour-block designs are traditionally made in England, using super soft and thick British wool. £28 each, seven colour choices.

Paper Chain Garlands

There's something joyous about a paper chain garland. We festoon them over everything, including our guests if they stay still long enough! Our popular Paper Chain Garland Kits are easy to assemble and make 10 metres of chain per kit. £18 per kit.

Painted Crowns

This year we wanted to create an alternative to the sugar paper hats found in Christmas crackers. These cardboard crowns are painted with patterns by Raphael Balme and come in four designs. Place each one on a dinner plate, ready for your guests for a regal Christmas table. £28 for a set of four.

Plan your Party

This wonderful journal by the French antique papers specialists, Antoinette Poisson, helps to plan and record your dinner parties. Each page has a table layout so you can draw a seating arrangement, jot down ideas for themes, table settings. On the facing page, there's space for what food and wine you'll serve, plus a section for guests to write their comments - a really fun way to remember evenings spent with friends.

To match, we also have a variety of patterned notebooks, perfect for jotting notes and making lists - £32 each.

In matching Antoinette Poisson French Paper patterns, we also have a collection of prints to decorate your home with, and linen wallets - the perfect size for cards.

City Streets

Make your own little world with these wonderful miniature cardboard building kits. Choose from an elegant Georgian house, a modernist masterpiece, a row of shop fronts or even a traditional barn. The decoration possibilities are endless - paint, paper or even draw on the surfaces. 

Plant Hunter

Our best selling collection of large wraps (which also double up as throws or even wall hangings) start life as giant kraft-paper collages. All over the studio, huge paper plant forms are cut and assembled, playing with combinations for the perfect composition.

Silk Stars


We commissioned the artist and children's book illustrator Lily Irwin to create a series of paintings and embroideries for our Silk Star Kits. Each kit comes with a printed fabric star, needle, cotton, organic wool for stuffing and a length of silk ribbon for hanging. 

Stage Right

This collection of theatre kits and pop-up dioramas is full of magic and myth. They look great on top of a chest of drawers, in a window or even inside an old cupboard.

Hands of a Maker

The second collection of our hand puppet kits by Samantha Allan include designs such as The Fool, Mr Moon and Sun Clown. Inspired by the puppets Paul Klee made between 1916 and 1925, many of which were modelled on his contemporaries at the Bauhaus, we are thrilled that the Puppet Kits are now also stocked at the new Bauhaus Museum in Dessau.

Hedgerow Wreaths

These beautiful, delicate, handmade copper wreaths are made by British artist Rowan Macgregor and are exclusively for The Shop Floor Project.

To pair alongside our selection of candle holders and sconces, our collection of Christmas Decorations can be viewed here and our collection of Christmas Gifts can be viewed here.

For any further Press Requests or Press Loans, email:

Eco-friendly and natural table linen for that styl...

The Elephant Head

15 Aug 2019

The end of summer needs a stylish send-off. For hosting the perfect garden party or end of summer soirée this August bank holiday, The Elephant Head’s eco-friendly, handwoven tableware is a must-have.

Their eco-friendly and woodblock-printed table linen emphasises the company's respect for the environment and their love for traditional art and craft. 

Always ethically sourced, The Elephant Head’s table linen range includes paper coasters, table mats, and block printed table linen handmade by brilliant craftsmen in India. Treat yourself with some affordable beautiful additions to your dining table.
Eco-friendly, recycled paper coasters and table mats
Choose from a selection of brightly coloured coasters and table mats manufactured by artisan partners Auroville Papers. The table mats and coasters are made entirely of recycled handmade paper and are imprinted with delicate leaves. This method results in a product that is seriously green and incredibly durable.

The coasters bring a lovely pop of colour to every dining room or coffee table and are available for as low as £3.40 for a set of 2. The table mats feature a number of striking leaf patterns and start at £14 for a set of 4 mats. 

Striking block printed table linen sets
The gorgeous table linen sets will have you constantly answering your guests' questions about where you got them from, and they won't believe the price you got them for. On sale now, each set includes runners, napkins, and mats, all modestly priced at £32 for a set of 4 and £35 for a set of 6.

With traditional woodblock printing, these designs are truly eye-catching. Each is made as an original and meaningful piece, with skills hard-earned by amazing craftsmen from India.

The products are available for sale online

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