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Carlo Donati's Collection Has One Unique Creative...


21 Sep 2020

The new collection by Carlo Donati and Essential Home combines the best of both worlds, or in this case, inspirations. It is not only a tribute to the great Italian architecture and design legends but also a representation of Palm Springs’ mid-century modern design culture with its taste for bright colors and the typical upholstery with geometric patterns. Each piece of the Dolce Vita collection is named after an Italian great actor or director of the mid-century.

Inspired by the iconic modernist movement in architecture and design of the great 50s and 60s masters, these unique pieces are a fantastic way to add a touch of style and history to your decor. Besides the unique mid-century furniture pieces, La Dolce Vita by Essential Home and Carlo Donati also features a unique suspension lighting design that complements and highlights the best of the products with the right light.

Inspired by the Turin’s beautiful Palazzo del Lavoro by Pier Luigi Nervi and Gio Ponti, this unique suspension lighting embodies a look of a stylized plant with a round-shaped heart with the arms that rise like gilded branches.

The beautiful pieces by Carlo Donati and Essential Home can be combined perfectly with the unique mid-century lighting design by DelightFULL. This inspiring living room corner stars a beautiful customized Botti Table lamp that is highlighting the natural textures of the Vittorio sideboard. All of the unique furnishings and lighting designs from Essential Home and DelightFULL are handcrafted from the finest materials by the best master artisans, so you know they are a perfect match... And this collection isn't an exception.

May The Bath Be With You! Sci-Fi Rubber Ducks Mak...


06 Aug 2020

May the Bath Be With You!  CelebriDucks, the world’s leading manufacturer of celebrity rubber ducks announced that their Mister Squawk and Spa Wars Rubber Ducks are now some of the top selling Sci-fi rubber ducks worldwide. 

Craig Wolfe, CelebriDuck's president, said that “our celebrity line has been a huge hit for us everywhere with such cool classics as The Duckinator, Paddle Like It’s 1999, GooseBusters, Harry Ponder, The Floating Stones, etc.. People really love Sci-fi and our Mister Squawk and Spa Wars have become instant hits in countries around the world. We have an ever expanding fan base who collect these ducks and their very fun gift boxes.”

CelebriDucks is best known for their line of celebrity ducks including The Wizard of Oz, Elvis Presley, The Blues Brothers, and KISS among hundreds of others. The company created a Tropical Parrot for The Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville Cafés, and successfully sell their Blues Brother’s ducks at all House of Blues venues nationwide.

They have sold millions of their ducks and are considered the top custom duck manufacturer in the world doing them for everyone from Harley-Davidson and SeaWorld to The Jersey Boys on Broadway. Their limited edition Celebrity Rubber Duck line was featured on The Tonight Show, Conan, and hundreds of media outlets worldwide while being voted one of the top 100 Gifts by Entertainment Weekly.

The rubber duck was actually invented in America before the entire industry moved overseas. CelebriDucks is the only company doing all their artwork and sculpting on their whole line in the USA. They recently returned part of the industry back to America to make their PVC free Good Ducks 100% in America. The Good Ducks are now considered the safest rubber ducks on the market for babies to teethe on. You can read more about these ducks at:

American Company Brings The Rubber Duck Industry B...


04 Aug 2020

CelebriDucks is an American company mostly known for their extraordinary line of celebrity rubber ducks which were voted one of the top 100 Gifts by Entertainment Weekly.  The company recently made a major step to return the rubber duck industry back to the USA with a mission to make the safest PVC free and Latex free rubber ducks in the world for teething babies. Most people think that latex toys are safe not realizing that this is not the case at all.  Latex allergies can occur with repeated exposure. Cleveland Clinic, Boston Children’s Hospital, and The Mayo clinic state that “Children are not born with latex allergies; they can develop as one is exposed to latex numerous times in items like diapers, bottles, nipples, and pacifiers. A latex allergy can also become progressively worse and children who become allergic to latex can more easily develop allergies to related things such as bananas, avocados, peaches, tomatoes, etc.”

The CelebriDucks USA division is making their PVC Free and Latex free Good Duck teething toys 100% start to finish in America using the highest quality, third party tested, food and medical grade materials. The Good Duck won the BEST GREEN TOY AWARD from Dr. Stevanne Auerbach, “Dr. Toy”, one of the leading authorities on children’s toys, who, while working in Education for the federal government, approved the first grant for The Children’s Television Workshop’s “Sesame Street”. You can read more at in the PVC free section on the top of the home page.

Craig Wolfe, CelebriDucks’ President, said that, “Most people are unaware that the rubber duck was actually an original American invention before the whole industry moved overseas. We are proud to be the only company making rubber ducks here in the USA once again and giving parents confidence that US manufacturing means less worrying about safety issues. In fact, we are now exporting them worldwide, due to the demand for the safety that US made products can provide.”

CelebriDucks is considered the top custom duck manufacturer in the industry; they have produced ducks for Harley-Davidson, The New York Yankees, SeaWorld, The Philadelphia 76ers, Gorton’s Seafood, and many others. Their famous Celebrity Line has been featured on The Tonight Show, Conan, A&E, The Discovery Channel, CNN, and hundreds of media outlets worldwide. CelebriDucks is now excited to launch their flotilla of Good Ducks into international waters and bathtubs everywhere!

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