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La Residence Interiors

17 Sep 2019

Create a magical ambience with scented candles and diffusers

As the nights draw in, it’s time to wax lyrical about candles – and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love them? Whatever the mood: romantic, relaxing or energising, a candle can help to enhance it, making it the perfect accessory to pleasure. 
In the bathroom, bedroom, living or dining room, the flicker and fragrance of a scented candle adds warmth and ambience, evoking anything from an alpine forest to a Mediterranean garden. 
Fragrances range from floral, fruity, sweet and citrussy to fresh, green, spicy and woody, so there’s something for everyone and for every season.
We’ve been burning candles for around 3,000 years. Back in Ancient Rome, rolled papyrus was dipped in melted animal fat (tallow) to light up religious ceremonies and homes. 
During the Middle Ages in Europe, beeswax candles were introduced. Unlike tallow, beeswax burned cleanly, without a smoky flame. It also emitted a pleasant sweet smell rather than the foul, acrid odour of animal fat. But beeswax was prohibitively expensive, so only the wealthy could afford to burn these candles in the home.
Today, although we don’t need them for practical purposes, we Brits are like moths to the flame of the humble candle. According to a recent report, UK consumers buy an average of six candles per year at £7.40 a go, meaning the country collectively spends £1.9bn on them annually.
In keeping with this trend, luxury furniture and interiors firm La Residence Interiors has just introduced a brand new range of hand-blended, hand-poured and hand-packaged scented candles and reed diffusers using the most exclusive and natural ingredients available. 
Produced by Parkminster in small batches in its artisan Sussex workshop, the candles and diffusers are made from natural plant-based ingredients only: essential oils, soy wax and other sustainable ingredients, so they’re cleaner and healthier to burn. There’s a range of fragrances to tempt you, including pomegranate, fresh fig, cucumber & mint, lavender, lemongrass and coconut.
Choose from large 300ml votive soy candles (£19.95) with a burn time of around 60 hours, or smaller 90ml votive soy candles (£5.95) with a burn time of around 15 hours – ideal as a gift for teachers or a dinner party host, or just for yourself! Or choose a reed diffuser (£19.95) and enjoy the beautiful scent for up to 3 months. All are presented in an elegant brown card gift box.
For more information, visit

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!


17 Sep 2019

This month at The Shop Floor Project, we want to take a peek Inside the Zoo - at our vast collection of creatures and strange plants, both mystical and naturalistic alike.

This wonderful collection of circular cushions from Claudia Rankin include paintings of leopard masks (pictured above), hog masks, and Mr Lion (both pictured below); translated into a silk and cotton mix. Just one cushion would add a wild pop to any interior, whilst a group would surely go the whole hog! 

"Only the heartless would be able to resist Rankin's work. Brightly coloured and a bit wonky, her creations remind me of the best efforts of a gifted yet slightly disturbed child, adorned as they are with a menagerie of characters simultaneously innocent and knowing." - Hugo Guinness, New York Times Magazine.


This series of inky blank painted silhouettes feature twisted tropical vinces, banana palms with their leaves torn and tattered like moth-eaten fabrics, loft birds' nest ferns and the carnivorous Venus Fly Trap.

Tropical Menagerie

Drawing on folk art notifs, Raphael Balme makes dream-like landscapes and portraits featuring fictional characters from duchesses to clowns. This collection features a menagerie of creatures; from mythical unicorns to wild boars, adorned with matching flora and leaves.

The Botanist

There is a sense of wonder in Moira Frith's huge botanical studies, not surprising as they are from the imagination of a trained biologist who has spent many long hours in the field, looking as closely as you can at flora and fauna, animals and birds.

The plants are ambiguous in their identification - perhaps they are the findings of an exploration into a new rain forest, or rare wildflowers found high in the Atlas mountains - but whatever their species, there is something incredibly tangible, organic and exotic even about these works that clearly play with a fascination for the natural world.

Beaded Beasts

Bringing back to life the ancient and spiritual craft of beading, a co-operative of women from the Khayelitsha township in South Africa are part of an extraordinaty contemporary project which celebrates the art form.

Underwater World

We are delighted to be the exclusive stockist of the work of American artist Megan Bogonovich. Using an archive of hundreds of hand made moulds, she carefully constructs these fascinating coral-like sculptures from fine porcelain before applying a multitude of glazes.

A Different Kettle of Fish

In 1719, in the midst of the Age of Enlightenment, when scientific and artistic exploration was sweeping across Europe, a curious man named Locuis Renard was busy creating what is thought to be the first publication of fish in colour. The Shop Floor Project has produced both cushions and prints from this portfolio of remarkable and fantastical creatures.

Weird and Wonderful

An impressive candle-holder in the form of a carp - showcasing Claudia Rankin's love of striking colours and naive yet refined sense of nature.

Folk Art Flags

Our new cushion collaboration with British artist Kate Black, who creates work with a seemingly childlike aesthetic and has a growing number of collectors as well as prestigious prizes, features birds and horses in bold and striking colour combinations; perfect to brighten any chair or sofa!

A Cast of Characters

A characterful collection of candle-holders by British artist Ellen Hayward, exclusively for The Shop Floor Project. Using a mixture of sophisticated techniques including; slip casting, hand modelling, sgraffito drawing and slipware glazes, Ellen creates folk art inspired designs with a snowy, wintery feel, featuring cats, foxes, bears and poodles.

Ellen's candlesticks are also available in a blue and white colour combination, featuring hares, cats and poodles.

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