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Celebrate Shapes In Interiors


28 May 2020

From Geometric Forms and Swirling Lines to the Human Figure, Enhance
your Interior by Incorporating Uniquely Shaped Interior Decor by KOKET

One interior design trend that is currently flowing through the industry is the use of unique shapes to enhance interior designs. Adding a distinctly shaped piece of furniture or lighting to a space is an instant way to add interest. From geometric forms and swirling lines to the human body, KOKET is known for its bold and daring statement designs and a passion for mesmerizing shapes and forms. Pick one shape to carry a theme through or mix different ones together for a more eccentric vibe.


Geometric shapes and forms with defined angles like those found in KOKET’s GEM Table Lamp, HYPNOTIC Chandelier, and TAMARA Console are great tools when trying to create bright and modern interiors.


Curving, undulating, swirling lines flow up and around and down drawing the eye of the beholder in and through each detail of the form they create. From the gentle spiral of the INTUITION Dining Table and BURLESQUE Console to the rhythmic motion of the RIBBON Dining Table and OBSSEDIA Console, each of these KOKET designs brings show-stopping style.


In aesthetics, the human form in art involves a study and appreciation of the beauty of the human body. Add a piece like KOKET’s TABU Cocktail Table to a living room and this conversation starter will surely bring glamour and sexy vibes.

Summer Interiors Inspiration ☀️


22 May 2020


Summertime Is All About Soaking Up Sun and Enjoying the Outdoors - Proven Mood & Energy Boosters - Create the Same Effect Indoors with Summer Decor by KOKET

You know that amazing feeling you have when you are outside on a beautiful vibrant summer day? Even more so when you are in the tropics! Sun shining, brilliant colors emanating around you. Nature’s layers, textures, sounds and smells are masters at enhancing your mood and energy. So why not create an interior that creates a similar effect. Bring the outdoors in with KOKET summer decor perfect for bringing joy and vitality to your life. Get decorative, forget minimalism and go for a maximalist approach to pattern, color, texture, and accessories that make you feel good.

Jump start your favorite reading corner with the voluptuous curves of KOKET’s AUDREY Chair, it will surely boost your mood when you curl up in it. Looking to add an uplifting sky blue to your summer interior, the TAYMA Chair from the new young and flirty KK by KOKET collection is just the piece you need.

Natural materials are a great way to bring the energy enhancing power of the outdoors in. Select a piece like KOKET’s VENGEANCE Table Lamp for a touch of classic white marble with a fun twist in the shape of a golden hand.

When it comes to mood lifting summer decor the swirling curves of the KIKI Side Table will make you feel a twinge of happiness everytime you look at it’s free spirited form. For a quick easy interior energy boost add a SEVILLE Pouf from the KK by KOKET collection.



31 Mar 2020


Design, Decor, Repair Interior Design Studio (DDR) Creates a Luxurious Oasis for Relaxation and Rest Featuring a Soothing Yet Simultaneously Glamorous Space and KOKET’s Renowned  Chandra Chair

When it comes to interior design the Sochi, Russia-based studio Design, Decor, Repair (DDR) offers stunning spaces executed with precision and care and a dose of some serious finesse. Many say the living room is the heart of a home, however, most will agree that their bedroom is a personal retreat that is just as essential. Perhaps when you think of a dream bedroom you imagine only a plush bed, but to create a true bedroom oasis color choice is also paramount. This bedroom design by DDR’s Valeria Mikheeva is a perfect example of a relaxing yet cheerful color scheme perfect for rest, but also far from a room full of boring neutral tones.

DDR was founded in 2011 and has extensive experience in the field of repair and decoration. The firm is not afraid to accept challenges and takes great pleasure in complex and non-standard objects. With experience and a professional team, DDR offers many options for unique decoration and design solutions for the most difficult rooms. The focal point of this dreamy bedroom is a fabulous accent wall featuring a beautiful soft pink and cool green and teal wallpaper with gold accents reminiscent of natural gemstone. The rest of the room’s walls are painted a calming lavender with gold accents for added glamour. Continuing the calming vibes the bed is upholstered in a delicious mint green and the cream-colored curtains are finished with a wide whimsical feathered band.

Contrasting the rooms relaxing tones DDR added splashes of jewel tones, livening the space and furthering the space’s sense of glamour. A vibrant purple area rug, a golden oval bench and vanity with a stunning turquoise Chandra Chair by KOKET complete the color scheme.

Light is key to color, and DDR knows just how to add light to finish of the room. With a lighted mirror frame, uplighting from beneath the ceiling moldings, luxurious nightside pendants and a stunning chandelier the room comes to life. And through the use of glass closet doors showcasing lit shelving, DDR completes this enchanting bedroom oasis.

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