Press Loft is a made up of a diverse bunch of people. Coders, marketing folk and of course PR experts. All with the same aim of connecting more brands with publishers and bloggers throughout the World. Come and meet the team..

Meet the Team - Nicola

Nicola Snell

Managing Director

Meet the Team - Celine

Céline Dibert

International Marketing Manager

Meet the Team - Dana

Dana Krzemienski

International Customer Success Manager

Meet the Team - Eva

Eva Aprile

Country Manager - Italy

Meet the Team - Fiona

Fiona Michelon

Australian Director

Meet the Team - Graham

Graham House

Chief Technology Officer

Meet the Team - Will

Will Ibbetson

Senior Web Developer

Meet the Team - Fiona

Andrei Birsan

Junior Web Developer

Meet the Team - Hannah Gilyeat

Hannah Gilyeat

Data Team Leader

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