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Press Loft is a completely free tool for journalists and content creators.

Here are some of the things you can do...

250,000+ images to download for free

Explore our growing image library and discover new brands and products.

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Get relevant press releases straight to your inbox, in real-time, or as a summary.

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Get matched with collaboration opportunities from exciting new brands and huge household names.

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Create affiliate links quickly and easily to share with your audience and start generating commission on purchases they make.

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Frequently asked questions

Is it actually free to join Press Loft as a journalist / influencer / blogger? Are there any hidden fees?

Yes it is 100% free to join Press Loft as a journalist / influencer / blogger and we have no hidden costs!

How do I find out about collaboration opportunities? How can I earn money / get product reviews through Press Loft?

When you register you will need to verify your social accounts. You will only be matched to collaborations if you have verified your accounts. You are then matched to collaborations that fit your criteria.

I am a journalist and know lots of PRs already. How will Press Loft help me?

Press Loft will make your search for images, product launches and new brands quick and easy. Rather than having to find PR contacts, email them for images and wait, you can simply search through the image library and get the high-res images instantly with full product caption information and PR contact details.

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