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Connect with relevant Journalists & Influencers to increase your brand / product exposure, expand social reach, and improve your SEO.

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Rapidly source and download images & content and connect & collaborate with Companies on campaigns - It's always FREE for you!

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Press Loft's Image Library showcases thousands of products for press exposure. Journalists and Influencers around the world search the image library and download images to use in their articles, posts and editorial work. We've made it easier than ever to upload images with support for CSV uploads and integration with Shopify.

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Our image library is constantly updated with the latest product images from over 1000 companies worldwide.

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Our curated collaborations of Trending & Seasonal images bring together the latest images so you can see what's been making waves.

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Companies can create a great looking Press Release in minutes with our easy-to-use Press Release Creator to communicate with 1000's of journalists on our network who have opted to receive them. Companies get to share their stories and journalists and influencers get immediate access to the latest news.

Press Loft has thousands of journalists and bloggers home and abroad who have opted in to receive press releases.

If you're not ready to subscribe to a membership you can still send a press releases.

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Our Journalist Request service helps Journalists & Influencers who are seeking information for content they working on to quickly get in contact with Companies on the Press Loft network. Journalists post their requests and get help meeting deadlines - potentially bypassing hours of research. Companies receive the requests for help and provide information, expertise, product samples and images - whatever is required - gain exposure and develop relationships.

  • For companies & PR Agencies:
  • Get exposure & coverage
  • Reach 17,000+ Journalists & Bloggers
  • Build Media Relationships
  • For Journalists & Influencers:
  • Get the right content you need
  • Extend your network
  • Save hours of research time

Journalist Requests

Are you a journalist looking for images / loans / information / experts / competition prizes etc? Use Press Loft's Journalist Request Service to contact PRs.

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Engaging with the right influencers is a powerful way for companies to build, sustain, and extend their brands. Social media marketing is increasingly recognised for its effectiveness, although many companies aren't taking advantage of it as much as they would like. We've developed a faster, easier way to bring brands & influencers on the Press Loft network together to create high quality, relevant and authentic content for their target audiences.

How it works

1. Create a collaboration alert

Set the terms of your collaboration in minutes. Whether it's a giveaway or product review, it all begins by outlining::

  • demographic (age, gender, location, etc)

  • channel (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, blog, print, etc)

  • collaboration type (social post, review, giveaway, etc.)

  • benefit offered (product, payment, reciprocal post, unpaid, etc.)

1. Create your profile

Let brands know who you are & what you're all about. It'll only take a couple of minutes when you register.

The Press Loft Platform

  • For companies & PR Agencies:
  • Be discovered in The Image Library
  • Reach 17,000+ Journalists & Bloggers
  • Discover and collaborate with Influencers
  • Generate Inbound Links For SEO
  • Powerful Download Reports & Monitoring
  • For Journalists & Influencers:
  • Discover Content For Your Audience
  • Extend your influence
  • Collaborate with Companies
  • Send out Journalist Requests to Companies
  • Receive Press Releases from local and
    global Companies

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Who's using Press Loft?

Press Loft is a great tool to reach journalists and bloggers...
Press Loft is a brilliant resource...
...I find the site really simple to navigate and the image allowance is amazing – thank you Press Loft!
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Press Loft has been an invaluable tool for me as part of a small PR team at a fast growing startup. We started to achieve coverage for Artfinder within weeks and the coverage we have continued to gain has been consistent and high profile - including Woman & Home, Good Homes and House Beautiful. Such a great idea, and a real time saver for a busy PR!

We have been working with Press Loft for over four years, and as a small business have found it to be inexpensive and beneficial to our marketing needs. It is simple to use and great to have an instant catalogue of our products for journalists to peruse and use for articles, which has subsequently given us valuable brand exposure

We have used Press Loft for nearly a decade now. They are our virtual 24- hour press office. In this digital era, having our bank of images that journalists can have instant access to 24-hours a day is priceless. The reporting tools also allow us to see anticipated coverage and therefore pre-order and adjust stock orders to accommodate for the sales uplift we see as a result of the press exposure.

As Loaf has grown, along with the number of designs we offer, Press Loft has been an invaluable tool for our press team. It's simple to use and without a doubt it has increased our press coverage by opening up our exposure to a new set of media. We'd be lost without it now!

Press Loft have been EXTREMELY helpful in generating coverage for us, we have had many products featured in top publications which really gives us the exposure we need! And not only that, they provide a great service and the site is quick, easy and simple to use. We would recommend Press Loft to anyone!

Companies & PR Agencies

Connect with relevant Journalists & Influencers to increase your brand / product exposure, expand social reach, and improve your SEO.

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Journalists & Influencers

Rapidly source and download images & content and connect & collaborate with Companies on campaigns - It's always FREE for you!

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