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How does Press Loft help agencies?

We help agencies specialising in PR, marketing and SEO to get their clients in front of the right audience and gain exposure. Check out our features below.

Get your clients' products featured in print and online

Upload clients' product images and get them featured in newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs and more.

Send press releases

Create and send press releases to our network of thousands of relevant, vetted media members.

Receive messages from media

Receive introductions from journalists and other content creators who are interested in your clients' products.

Collaborate with influencers

Utilise influencer audience trust to increase clients' coverage, link creation, and product sales.

Respond to media requests

Browse and respond to requests from journalists and influencers who are looking for products to feature.

Design moodboards and social posts

Design product moodboards, social posts and more with our design tool, Studio.

Personalised press office

Showcase your clients' product images, collections, press releases and more, in their own personalised press office.

Keep up to date with trends

Be the first to know about latest trends and what journalists are working on.

Book a free demo

Book a no obligation demo with one of our friendly PR experts to show you how Press Loft works.

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