These Registered User Terms were last updated 16/03/2023.

If you have signed up to use Press Loft as a journalist, blogger or social influencer, these terms and conditions (“Registered User Terms”), in addition to the Terms of Use, apply to you. In the event of any conflict between the Registered User Terms and the Terms of Use, the Terms of Use shall take precedence.

1. Services

If you sign up for a Press Loft account as a Registered User, you may use our Services (as described in the Terms of Use) free of charge in accordance with the Terms of Use which, for the avoidance of doubt, include these Registered User Terms and the Acceptable Use Policy.

2. Clients

Who are they? Clients that sign up to use our Services could include brands, PR and digital marketing agencies who are looking to connect and work with you to promote their brand and products.

Authenticity of requests: Whilst we facilitate the connection between you and the Clients, we cannot guarantee the authenticity of any email requests that you may receive from Clients via email or via the Collaboration Alerts service. We are not responsible for any agreements, or negotiations in respect of agreements, between you and Clients that may stem from your use of the Collaborations Alerts service or any other requests. You acknowledge that you respond to Clients entirely at your own risk.

3. Client Content

As described in the Terms of Use, Client Content means any visual content and textual material (including but not limited to photographs, images, videos, audio-visual clips, text, logos, trademarks, trade names, pdfs and press releases).

Your use of Client Content: You are granted a non-exclusive, limited licence to use Client Content in respect of the Services, in compliance with the Terms of Use and any other requirements set out or otherwise referred to, including the Acceptable Use Policy.

Intellectual property rights in Client Content: You acknowledge that, whilst you may be licensed to use Client Content for the purpose of receiving and participating in the Services, there will be no transfer of any intellectual property rights in any Client Content.

Editing Client Content: We make Client Content available to you on the same basis that it was provided to us. You must not modify, amend, alter or change any aspect of the Client Content other than to crop the images for journalistic purposes and to use in the Studio. Any such edits to the Client Content must at all times comply with the Acceptable Use Policy.

4. Studio Content

As described in the Terms of Use, the Studio allows you and Clients to create content using our online design platform. Any content created using the Studio shall be referred to as Studio Content.

As well as being able to upload and use any of your own content that complies with the Acceptable Use Policy, the Studio allows you to use our templates, frames, stock images, shapes and patterns (known as elements) as well as Client Content and captions.

You acknowledge that we may (and may provide Clients and Registered Users with the ability to) access, view, use and monitor all Studio Content as well as content you download from, or upload to, Press Loft whilst using the Studio. This is because we may make use of Studio Content for our own marketing purposes and we may track the access of Client Content to enable us to provide Clients with some statistics around the use of Client Content.

5. Your use of Press Loft

Use of content: You warrant that you will only use the Client Content, Studio Content and Services for journalistic purposes (which, for the avoidance of doubt, includes hard print publication, online publication, blogging, vlogging and posting on social media) and will not infringe upon the rights (including any intellectual property rights) of any Client; Press Loft user; or third party by using such Client Content or Studio Content in breach of the Terms of Use.

Ensuring accurate photo credits and captions: You understand that Clients provide Client Content for you to promote on their behalf and acknowledge the importance in ensuring that accurate photo credits and captions are clearly displayed alongside any use of Client Content. For example, when posting on social media you shall at least include the relevant client name and, where provided, any tag. Equally, when posting on any website, (including blogs) you shall at least include the relevant client name and ideally a backlink.

Provision of information: You warrant that all information you provide to us in respect of using the Services (including details of where your work is or will be published) is true and accurate to the best of your belief.

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