Start earning on our affiliate network

What is an affiliate network?

In the most simple terms, our affiliate network allows media to promote products from brands on Press Loft and earn a small commission from the sales they get that came from your promotion. When a customer clicks your link to a brand’s website, your affiliate ID is stored in a cookie, within the customer's browser, and when the customer makes a purchase, you’ll get a percentage of the price paid.

How does it work for Press Loft media members?

Choose from thousands of products

Go through our image library, choose from thousands of products to feature in an article or post, then quickly create affiliate links to track any sales.

Write a post and add the tracking link

Customers click your affiliate links, and go onto purchase something from the brands in your post.

Get paid your commission

Get paid commission from any purchase that customer makes from the brand’s website within their cookie period.

Apply to be part of our affiliate network

You’ll need to be accepted into our affiliate network to start generating links. Please apply below - it only takes a minute. We aim to approve members into the network within 2 working days.

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