Welcome to the Thorndown Paints Press Office

Welcome to the Thorndown Paints Press Office

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Sustainable summer makeovers from Thorndown Paints

Thorndown Paints

Sustainability is one of the hottest trends in interiors right now and eco-paint specialists Thorndown are showing homeowners how to breathe new life into tired outdoor fixtures.

Here, Ben Thornborough, Thorndown's co-founder, shares his top tips for those looking to transform tired outdoor furniture in time for summer:

  • Select your colour palette based on shades that will fit with your existing garden design and your plants, and most importantly, bring a smile to your face.
  • Use sample pots to make sure you’re getting exactly the colour you want and always go with a wood paint that has been specially formulated for exterior use. This will ensure your chosen colours last longer. At Thorndown, we use exterior grade colour pigments, meaning that the colour you chose is the colour you’ll see for years and years.
  • Preparation is key when it comes to the perfect finish, so before you consider painting your old, tired furniture, sand off any rough patches or loose old coatings that will show or affect the finish.
  • Wooden furniture may need preserving with a wood preserver. If your furniture is made with treated softwood, remove any surface residue from the pressure-treatment process. 
  • If your furniture is old, make sure the surface is thoroughly cleaned. Wash off any dirt with soapy water or use a pressure-washer to blast off persistent dirt or algae. Washing with a light bleach/water solution will also help to kill off algae.
  • Don’t rush to start your paint job. Make sure your wood is dry otherwise coatings won’t fix properly to the timber, affecting the paint’s performance and longevity.
  • To ensure the perfect finish, apply a knotting agent or stain-blocking primer to prevent possible tannin staining of the paint coating. However, if you’re a fan of all things natural, don’t worry about it and let nature take its course.
  • If there is any rust on fixings treat the metal surfaces or use paint with flash rust inhibitor like Thorndown Wood Paint to stop rust from forming on non-galvanised metal or metal screws/nails other than stainless steel.
  • And one last thing before you start applying your paint. Check the weather to make sure rain isn’t forecast for at least 24 hours. This will allow plenty of time for the paint to dry and fix/bond properly.
  • Apply your first coat of wood paint using a high-quality paint brush, roller or sprayer and leave to dry for one to two hours. If you’re leaving the paint to dry in the sunshine, it will dry much quicker. After you have applied a second coat, leave this to dry for at least 12 hours. While it might feel dry, the curing/fixing process takes a lot longer and the more time you give it, the better.”

Thorndown's Wood Paint is £20 for a 750ml tin and is available from thorndown.co.uk

  • Some lighter colours or semi-opaques can look better with a third coat as it will increase the opacity and richness of the colour. The majority of Thorndown colours only need two coats, giving you great colour coverage and full exterior protection.
  • Horizontal surfaces on garden furniture take a real beating from the sun, rain, backsides and prosecco so give extra attention here and maybe an extra coat of paint for good measure. Additional coats will give it extra strength and it will be even longer before a maintenance coat is required.
  • Grab something nice and cold to reward yourself with after and admire your work.

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Thorndown is an award-winning specialist paint manufacturer that creates technically excellent, eco-friendly water-based wood paints and innovative peelable glass paint, perfect for shading and art and crafts.

Inspired by the beautiful countryside and heritage of the West Country where the factory is based, the husband-and-wife team behind Thorndown, Ben and Caroline Thornborough, blend their passions for art, design, science and the natural world in their ecologically advanced paints.

Founded on the principles of creating the best possible products with leading ingredients that both respect and work with the natural environment, Thorndown has taken time to source the best raw materials to create cutting-edge water-based eco paints with virtually no VOCs.

Thorndown’s Wood Paint is available in 72 colours and a UV Clear, while the Peelable Glass Paint is available in 24 opaque colours and 14 translucents.

Colour matching is also available.

High-res images available for download:


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Thorndown RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey and Greymond Wood Paint on Forest Garden Bar

Thorndown Paints

Thorndown RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey and Greymond Wood Paint on Forest Garden Bar

Thorndown Paints


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