Welcome to the Wayfair Press Office

Welcome to the Wayfair Press Office

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Let's Get Cosy

Let's get cosy this A/W - Wayfair's best products and imagery to help inspi...

17 Sep 2021

Dulux COTY - Bright Skies

After 18 months of turbulence, Dulux’s 2022 Colour of the Year “Bright ...

17 Sep 2021

A/W 21 Trends

The cooler season is approaching, and at Wayfair we’re welcoming looks th...

24 Aug 2021

Trending: Goblincore

Think mushrooms, toadstools and snails as nature's darker side comes to the...

17 Aug 2021

Kitchen & Bathroom Trends 2022

17 Aug 2021

A/W Lighting

03 Aug 2021

Wayfair Christmas 2021

Celebrate Christmas in style with a wide selection of products available at...

28 Jul 2021

Halloween 2021

Spookify your home in time for the 31st with Wayfair's pick of halloween pr...

28 Jul 2021

Wayfair X Multifunctional Living

With the modern city dweller in mind, pair function with personality, sophi...

16 Jul 2021

Global Destination Trends

05 Jul 2021

High Summer with Wayfair

Temperatures are on the rise and so is our excitement for hosting close fri...

17 Jun 2021

Wayfair's Summer House Makeover

Create your own fun, flexible and WFH friendly Summer House.

15 Jun 2021

Green Living

A selection of products made from natural or sustainably sourced materials

07 May 2021

Scandifornian Style

05 May 2021

Wayfair Wishlist

15 Apr 2021

Outdoor Dining

24 Mar 2021

Indoor planting

Decorative pots and accessories to bring your garden indoors.

12 Feb 2021

2021 Homeware Trends

A New Year marks a fresh start, and in 2021 that concept feels more importa...

02 Dec 2020

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