Welcome to the Chase and Wonder Press Office

Welcome to the Chase and Wonder Press Office

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Winter Scented Candles - Scents to settle into the colder nights.

Chase and Wonder

Scented candles to help you cosy up to the colder nights, full of essential oils designed to help you relax, unwind and get settle in to winter.

Here are our 4 top picks from our range -

1. The Library -
Evoking mahogany shelves full of leather bound books and reading under the flicker of warming candlelight.
Aromas of rich wood, amber, pink pepper and pomegranate.

2. The Alpine Lodge
Evoking crisp snow topped slopes, a welcoming ski lodge, the sound of a crackling log fire and a cosy chair in which to relax.
Aromas of fir trees, pine needles, lavender, cinnamon, clove and Moss.

3. The Enchanted Forest
Evoking ancient woodland, dappled sunlight, wild fauna and the rich scent of oak filling the air.
Aromas of cedarwood, smoked oak, birch and moss.

4. The Jungle
Evoking a wild and tropical land. Exotic flowers, foliage and birdsong fill the warm air, which rises to the towering canopy above.
Aromas of Eucalyptus, lush greens, Citrus, cedar wood and incense.

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