Welcome to the Curated Pieces Press Office

Welcome to the Curated Pieces Press Office

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The BirdLife Collection

Curated Pieces

Thinking about our global home (not only our own four walls) is what we’re passionate about. We’re super excited to team up with BirdLife international to create an exclusive collection of gorgeous, ethically sourced products showing unique sketches to highlight vulnerable and critically endangered species of birds.

The collection features the Hook-billed Hermit Hummingbird, the Yellow-crested Cockatoo and the Sarus Crane. All of these birds are on The International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List. Not only is the collection a stunning addition to any home interior but the best part is a donation from each purchase within the collection goes to BirdLife International to support the work that they do globally and in local communities at grass roots level to ensure that bird species are protected from extinction for generations to come.

The tableware is made from a vegan alternative to Bone China and the prints are FSC-certified.

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