Welcome to the Laskasas Press Office

Welcome to the Laskasas Press Office

Products from this company are shipped to: United States, Portugal and are located in: Portugal"

Laskasas 2020 New Collection: It's YOU. All around.



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Based in Porto, Portugal, Laskasas designs and builds all the furniture items from scratch. All the pieces are available in over 100 materials and finishes to meet their client’s needs. Each product is handcrafted to fit your vision.

Customisation is at the heart of Laskasas, allowing clients to select the exact look that suits their residential and commercial projects. The brand has a dedicated team available to help through the entire customization process.

From upholsteries to woods and dimensions, clients can rest assured knowing that Laskasas can meet any of their needs through the wide selection of items and styles.

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