Welcome to the The Stripes Company Press Office

Welcome to the The Stripes Company Press Office

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Garden & Gardening Stripes

The Stripes Company

As any gardener knows, it is vital to have the correct equipment for a serious session in the garden and The Stripes Company has just the right shape and size of kneeler mat - with an added bonus of not losing such a bright colour amongst the shrubbery.
When the sun is out be sure to wear one of our bucket hats with an important protective brim, but loose and soft for comfort - there will be no hiding in the rhododendrons wearing one of these!
Our long aprons with ties are perfect for pottering in the greenhouse with capacious pockets for labels, pends, string and not forgetting your phone!
Then relax and view your gorgeous garden from one of our Edwardian Sun Shelters or strong, generously sized striped hammocks.

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