Welcome to the The Stripes Company Press Office

Welcome to the The Stripes Company Press Office

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Stripes for Storage

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Jumbo Storage Bags
What to do with excess or spare guest bedding to keep in one place, clean and undisturbed?
Or Glamping trips UK- bound where there is no room for suitcases in a vehicle already bulging with kit?
Or a student off to Uni?
The answer may be found with our Jumbo storage bags which are not only light and fold up like a bag for life at the Supermarket.
In gorgeous colours with co-ordinating or clashing striped webbing handles for strength - these will pack away until they are next needed.
But who doesn’t have textiles and stuff to be stored somewhere in the house?
We guarantee that these will make your loft uber- stylish.
Other storage possibilities include our popular shoe bags which do double - duty as kids gym bags - and are just the right size for packing.
Teak Luggage Racks with choice of colourful striped webbing straps, for guest bedrooms, hotel bedrooms, B&B's or airbnb rooms

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