Welcome to the Valinea Press Office

Welcome to the Valinea Press Office

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We are a small, independent design company based in East London. We create unique designs for decorative cushions, which are then made-to-order. Our products are all made in the UK and usually shipped within 4-7 days.

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Bring the Outdoors In with Valinea's Nature-Inspired Floral Cushions

Nature-inspired designs are becoming increasingly popular as people continue to seek ways to bring the outdoors into their homes. Valinea Ltd. has tapped into this trend with their latest collection of nature-inspired floral cushions, designed to help customers infuse their spaces with the beauty of nature while maintaining a contemporary aesthetic. The unique designs, coupled with eco-friendly materials and printing processes, make Valinea's floral cushions the perfect addition to any home looking to embrace the nature-inspired trend.
Valinea's FLOWER cushion no.2 is the perfect statement piece for your sofa or lounge chair - with an abstract flower drawing on a creamy yellow background on one side and a pattern of squares on the other. This cushion cover adds colour and contemporary style to any interior. The company uses an eco-friendly printing process called pigment printing to bind the colours of the artwork to the fabric, ensuring a long-lasting and vibrant design. The 100% natural cotton-linen cushion covers are printed on both sides, essentially giving you two designer cushions in one with a multitude of possibilities when it comes to mixing and matching. For those seeking a more retro vibe, the Fabulous Florals cushion no.1 boasts a fun and fabulous floral design with a hint of 1970s vibes. The sumptuously soft yet durable velvet fabric is printed on both sides, providing even more options for mixing and matching to create your perfect space.
Valinea Ltd. is a company dedicated to creating unique, high-quality cushions that not only look good but are also environmentally conscious. With a focus on using eco-friendly materials and processes, Valinea ensures that their products not only enhance the beauty of your home but also contribute to a more sustainable future. Their latest collection of nature-inspired floral cushions is just one example of their commitment to providing customers with innovative and stylish products that are both functional and kind to the environment.

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