How to create an affiliate link on Press Loft

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It's easy to create affiliate links on Press Loft:
1. Search for a product on the image library.

2. Look out for the teal affiliate icon on products (this means the brand offers affiliate links).
3. You can use the filter in the search to only show products from brands who offer affiliate links.
4. To create your link, click on the affiliate icon to bring up the link creation modal.
5. You can also do this from the product details page with the 'Generate affiliate link' button found underneath the image.
6. It's a good idea to check the URL to the product is working.
7. Choose from the drop down where you'd like to use the affiliate link.
8. Press 'Generate unique link'.
9. An affiliate link will then be generated, which you can copy.

29 Sep 2022

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