Press Loft's PR Insights: Lights4fun's PR Team

37 minutes


Join Nikki as she interviews the Lights4fun PR team, featuring Becky Tasker, Head of PR and Social Media, and Emily Kelsey, PR Executive.

Discover the strategies behind their phenomenal PR success and learn how you can apply their insights to your own efforts. 

 Key Topics Covered
The Importance of PR to Lights4fun
Uncovering early insights into popular imagery on Press Loft and how this is applied to their wider marketing strategy. 
 Press Release Strategies: From DIYs to expert quotes, explore the diverse content of their press releases. 
Learn how press release content is repurposed across multiple channels for maximum impact. 
Styling Secrets: Gain insider knowledge on how Lights4fun consistently ranks as one of the top downloaded brands on Press Loft. 
Understand their use of collections and categorisation to simplify media access and increase visibility. 
Press Events and Partnerships: Insights into their successful press events and TV press loans. 
Strategies for building and maintaining valuable partnerships. 

 Learn from the best in the industry and hear some of their top tips to drive your own PR success.

03 Jul 2024

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