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Renowned for her love of opulence and vintage glamour, ex songstress-turned iconic fashion and textiles designer, Pearl Lowe, has added sumptuous velvets to her interiors collection for British wallpaper company, Woodchip & Magnolia.

Suitable for curtains, blinds and upholstery, the Pearl Lowe velvets follow her coveted debut wallpaper line, launched in Autumn 2018 at London’s prestigious Design Fair.

The velvets are now available in all Pearl’s unique, vintage inspired designs and colourways: Ditsy, Dawn Chorus, Va Frome and Wisteria.

Manufactured in Lancashire, the heart and home of indy Brit brand, Woodchip & Magnolia, it was a no-brainer that Pearl should introduce velvets:
“I’ve always coveted velvet, even from a very young age. To me, it epitomises a bygone age of decadence and glamour because of its centuries-old association with royalty and the aristocracy. My own home is filled with a mix of new and antique velvets, many thrifted! I also love working with it in my clothing designs, one of my favourites being our Velvet Magician’s Cape.

 I’m so excited to be launching my own velvets collection, and I can tell you that we have more designs in the pipeline…watch this space!”

 Woodchip and Magnolia founder, Nina Tarnowski, added:

 “We always intended to bring out velvets with Pearl, but we wanted to wait until we had truly nailed it. 

The great thing about luxury “Some of our younger customers, who are just starting out on their interiors journey, want the look – but on a more modest budget. They might pick up a salvaged footstool, say, and want to revamp it with something totally luxe. Same applies to scatter cushions – a little glamour and opulence goes a very long way.”
“We don’t work like most other design houses. There are no fixed rules on when and how we should launch new products and bring out collections, we just develop ideas and share them when we’re ready to rock! You could call it organic…we just call it spontaneous.”

The Pearl Lowe for Woodchip & Magnolia Velvets Collection is priced at £120 permetre, available now at www.woodchipandmagnoia.co.uk


 About the Pearl Lowe for Woodchip & Magnolia designs:

Unmistakeably ‘Pearl’ in style – the new designs reflect Pearl Lowe’s life-long passion for vintage, faded glamour, heritage prints, flapper-girl decadence and country house opulence –all mashed up with a smattering of pure rock n’ roll!
Collaborating with burgeoning Lancashire based wallpaper and textile company, Woodchip & Magnolia, each design has been originally hand-painted or traditionally lino cut, manufactured in-house using high definition, digital print technology.

Woodchip & Magnolia is a family owned business, headed by designer, Nina Tarnowski, who boasts over 20 years at the leading edge of British textile design and production.

The collection – in her Pearls own words:

Dawn Chorus Vintage Bird Floral
“There’s something very soothing about Birds. I live in the countryside, so I’m surrounded by nature, and that’s what ultimately inspires me daily. This design was based on some lovely old vintage fabric I had stored in a suitcase! I love the exotic, slightly whimsical look of the bird, with its tropical, flamboyant plumage”

Wisteria – “Wysteria” “I only really realised how beautiful wisteria was, when we bought a house along a river a few years ago. The wisteria came out in May and it was the most enchanting thing I ever saw. So to be able to put it onto a fabric is a dream.”

Va Va Frome Leaf “Botanicals are so popular in interiors, and this one is so pretty and fresh. It’s another take on the lushness of palm and fern leaves, but like our bird floral, the leaf is imaginary and has a timeless, vintage quality to it, which I adore. I’d love to see this design in my own bathroom or hallway – or both! I literally cannot wait to put them up!”

Ditsy Floral “This design is so very me! I love these sorts of pretty, small-scale, delicate florals. I’m a very feminine lady, I only ever wear dresses. I use them when I’m designing dresses, and now they have found themselves in my wallpapers and fabrics!”

For more information on Pearl Lowe, visit www.pearllowe.co.uk Press enquiries please contact: Sarah Parmenter pr@woodchipandmagnolia.co.uk / Mobile: 07961 871727


 Woodchip & Magnolia is an exciting British wallpaper and textile company, headed by Nina Marika Tarnowski, a self-confessed wallpaper, pattern and colour addict. Determined to break all the rules yet built on a Lancashire textile heritage rich in tradition, Woodchip & Magnolia fuses classic design with a bold and contemporary aesthetic…because walls need never be boring!



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