Welcome to the Caffe Latte Press Office

Welcome to the Caffe Latte Press Office

Products from this company are shipped to: United States, Portugal and are located in: Portugal"

Contemporary Elegance | Neutral-Toned Dining and Living Spaces

03 Jun 2024

Serene Sophisticated Open Space

The new Caffe Latte and Covet House project, designed by Mojgan Sadeghi, is...

17 Aug 2023

Tropical Duplex in Sydney

Located in the heart of Sydney's northern Forest District, this spacious an...

26 Jul 2023

Neutral Minimal Flat in London

Freedom and nature are two essential factors of contemporary modern style, ...

05 Jul 2023

Natural Beige Apartment in Abu Dhabi

Covered in neutral and tender tones, this new flat, designed by Red Bureau ...

14 Mar 2023

An Open Space Modern Showroom

Covet Town´s new 4'000 sqm showroom brings the ultimate Caffe Latte contem...

16 Jan 2023

Artful Penthouse in Boston

Stunning and elegant, the contemporary modern style is the one that best co...

09 Nov 2022

Contemporary Hotel Lobby in Sicily

'Sabbia Bianca' is a new concept for an italian hotel resort designed by Ma...

12 Oct 2022

Wabi Sabi Studio Apartment in Casablanca

Wabi refers to living with humility and simplicity, while being in harmony ...

14 Sep 2022

Neutral & Modern New Pieces

Newest products means newest ideas, and Caffe Latte is ready to present an ...

03 Aug 2022

Sophisticated Modern Apartment in Milan

12 Jul 2022

An Eclectic Modern Open Space in São Paulo

14 Jun 2022

All-White Minimalist Open Space by Marina Dolynna

22 Mar 2022

Cremoso Room: A Showroom Experience

08 Mar 2022

Modern Classic Apartment in Cancún

24 Feb 2022

Luxury Modern House in Dubai

18 Jan 2022

Modern Boho Open Space by Meryem Matur

11 Jan 2022

Modern Flat with a Striking Texture

28 Dec 2021

Cozy Chic Residence in Toronto

23 Nov 2021

Modern Classic Living Places

20 Sep 2021

Neutral Modern Office by Sergio Caparelli

07 Sep 2021

Neutral Modern Apartment in New York City

06 Jul 2021

Contemporary Modern Penthouse in Monaco

05 Mar 2021

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