Welcome to the Fiona Howard Wallpapers Press Office

Welcome to the Fiona Howard Wallpapers Press Office

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Sunflower Borders

Playful and bold, the Sunflower borders celebrate the summer just as the fl...

29 Jan 2024

Jasmine Leaf Borders

A wide botanical border depicting a wandering weaving Jasmine leaf vine. Lo...

26 Jan 2024

Squiggle Borders

A very versatile collection of squiggle borders. These could be an accent a...

20 Dec 2023

The Orchard

A wallpaper collection of 7 colourways depicting a charming countryside sce...

27 Nov 2023

Rockpools Wallpaper Borders

Our Rockpools collection of wallpaper borders features clusters of scallop ...

20 Jun 2023

Radish wallpapers and Wallpaper borders

Featuring rows of block print radishes in a scallop formation, this pretty ...

05 Feb 2023

Sway wallpaper borders

A cool contemporary collection of wallpaper borders which would look stunni...

04 Oct 2022

Wild Mallow wallpaper borders

A pretty collection of wallpaper borders depicting a wavy garland of mallow...

04 Oct 2022

Leaf Trail wallpaper borders

A pretty collection of wallpaper borders depicting a climbing / creeping ga...

04 Oct 2022

Honeysuckle wallpapers

Pretty floral wallpapers featuring honeysuckle climbing against a backdrop ...

03 Aug 2022

ROSE ARBOR wallpapers

Chintzy style rambling rose wallpapers

27 Oct 2021

SWAY wallpapers

A collection of swaying striped wallpapers with a cool contemporary Mid-Cen...

27 Oct 2021

Wallpaper borders

Our wallpaper borders are a quick and easy way to transform a room. Use aro...

08 Oct 2021

Paisley Fern wallpapers

A versatile all over patterned wallpaper inspired by Indian Paisleys with a...

08 Oct 2021

BIRDSONG wallpapers

Pretty songbirds nestled among branches of delicate white blossom

19 May 2021

COWPARSLEY wallpapers

Butterflies and bees pollinate the wild hedgerow cowparsley in this soft co...

07 Oct 2020

ROCKPOOLS wallpapers

As the tide ebbs gently away it leaves shallow rockpools revealing limpets,...

07 Oct 2020

SUMMER MEADOW wallpapers

A pretty wild flower meadow full of floral interest and insects, perfect fo...

07 Oct 2020


Groovy Mid-century style wallpapers for the design conscious

24 Mar 2020

WISTERIA wallpaper

Pretty and delicate wisteria flowers hang from a leafy trellis

20 Mar 2020

IMOGEN wallpapers

Pretty floral wallpapers for stunning interior decor. Based on a hand-cut l...

15 Nov 2019

CORNFLOWERS wallpapers

A field full of wildflowers soft and sweet as summer. Based on an original ...

31 Aug 2019

WILD PODS wallpapers

A wallpaper collection based on a seedpods design. One of the hand-cut lino...

31 Aug 2019

PARADISE wallpapers

Pretty birds in a sweet paradise wallpaper based on Fiona's hand-cut lino p...

29 Aug 2019

HARBOUR wallpapers

Inspired by a Cornish seaside harbour, these wallpapers are based on Fiona'...

29 Aug 2019

HENLEY wallpapers

A stylish floral wallpaper based on Fiona's hand-cut lino print

29 Aug 2019

WOODLAND wallpapers

A beautiful collection of wallpapers decorated with birds and leaves, based...

29 Aug 2019

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