Welcome to the Garden Trading Press Office

Welcome to the Garden Trading Press Office

Products from this company are shipped to: all countries globally and are located in: United Kingdom

Ideas: Elevate Your Outdoor Space

Finishing touches and outdoor essentials to make the most of long summer da...

03 Mar 2020

Indoor Storage Solutions

Storage for all corners of the home for calm and clutter-free living

03 Mar 2020

Kitchen Baking Collection

Beautiful prep, cooking and baking essentials for the heart of the home

28 Feb 2020

Indoor Pots and Vases

Add instant life and colour to interiors with greenery and flowers styled i...

28 Feb 2020

Indoor Furniture Collection

From seating to storage, the indoor funiture collection features contrastin...

28 Feb 2020

Pendant Lighting Collection

From dining rooms to bathrooms, bedrooms to kitchens, pendant lighting offe...

27 Feb 2020

Outdoor Wall lights

Guide guests to the door, illuminate paths and flowerbeds or light up a per...

27 Feb 2020

Wall Light Collection

Illuminate alcoves, work spaces or bedsides with wall lights in a variety ...

27 Feb 2020

Table and Floor Lighting Collection

Mixed materials and contemporary colourways provides a modern take on table...

27 Feb 2020

Outdoor Path Light

Illuminate garden paths and flowerbeds with path lighting; the perfect way ...

27 Feb 2020

Easter Weekend Dining

Seasonal serveware updates courtesy of a spring palette; adding a fresh lo...

27 Feb 2020

Spring Garden Collection

Featuring the all-new garden tools collection. Transform and tend to garden...

13 Feb 2020

Alfresco Dining

Dine outdoors in style with furniture, serveware and accessories to suit ev...

10 Feb 2020

New Tabletop

Deliberate uneven lines and the mixing of simple sleek whites with warm, un...

30 Jan 2020

New Lighting

Outdoor lighting provides us with much more than we give it credit for. Whe...

30 Jan 2020

New Planters

Fill in gaps, section your space and create features with groups of pots th...

30 Jan 2020

New Gardening Accessories

In contrast to functional, industrial tools, our new Garden Accessories col...

30 Jan 2020

Ideas: Mothers Day

With International Women’s Day on Sunday 8th March and Mother’s Day fol...

30 Jan 2020

New Outdoor Furniture

Spring sees the arrival of our Outdoor Living Collection which plays host t...

23 Jan 2020

New Laundry & Utility

The new Laundry Collection is the epitome of harmoniously blending beauty w...

16 Jan 2020

New Home Office

Our new Home Office collection feature timeless pieces with a mid-century a...

16 Jan 2020

New Clocks, Thermometers and Post Boxes

• Show exteriors a little love with our Outdoor Essentials collection. Wi...

16 Jan 2020

New Indoor Pot Collection

Our new Indoor Pots collection mirrors the softer pastel palette synonymous...

16 Jan 2020

Ideas: Storage in Small Spaces

With every inch of the home valuable space, making the most of storage help...

16 Jan 2020

Pantone Colour of the Year 2020: Classic Blue


05 Dec 2019


Fireside Essentials from Garden Trading

29 Jul 2016


A selection of indoor and outdoor lighting from Garden Trading

29 Jul 2016

Kitchen Essentials

Budding Baker or Culinary Genious, we have it all covered at Garden Trading...

29 Jul 2016

Pots, Planters and Plant Supports

Stunning indoor pots and outdoor planters in all shapes and sizes from Gard...

29 Jul 2016


Indoor and Outdoor furniture for all occasions

29 Jul 2016

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