Welcome to the Oak Furnitureland Press Office

Welcome to the Oak Furnitureland Press Office

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Light and dark - Oak Furnitureland’s new cabinetry ranges

Oak Furnitureland

The UK’s largest retailer of real hardwood furniture, Oak Furnitureland, has added two brand new cabinet ranges to its expanding portfolio. 


Grove, is a deep dark grey range, almost black in some light. Solid hardwood all through, the deep grey finish is painted and glazed. The painted part is acacia,  a hardwood that is ideal for painting, with its very smooth surface. The solid oak tops of the range have a natural finish. Grove is a versatile style that has longevity built

in. It can be styled in different ways, looking great in monochrome and earth-toned rooms, or being the perfect foil to colourful walls and accents.


By contrast, Willow has a smooth pale grey wash finish, and is made from solid oak throughout. For this new look, a lot of care has gone into getting the silvery grey finish right. It’s a five stage process, with each layer needing to dry and be brushed down before the next. The finished surface lets the wood’s knots of authenticity feature, and the natural patterns of the oak show through. This makes each piece of furniture unique. Gunmetal grey bar handles complement the grey glazed surface.


From beds to bookcases, wardrobes to dining tables, coffee tables and matching mirrors, the Willow and Grove ranges feature them all. 

Product summary


Range name: Grove

Price: From £179.99

Link: www.oakfurnitureland.co.uk/range/grove-painted-natural/


Range name: Willow

Price: From £179.99




For further information or to buy online go to www.oakfurnitureland.co.uk. For inspiration, the latest news, and style advice follow @oak_furniture_land on Instagram or oakfurnitureland on Pinterest.  


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Oak Furnitureland is the UK’s largest retailer of solid hardwood furniture and is a brand synonymous with a curated range of diversely-styled high quality products.

Having started as an online business in 2006, Oak Furnitureland opened its first store in 2010, and today operates 75 stores across the UK, employs 1,100 people, and has an online business serving the UK and Ireland.

Since its launch, Oak Furnitureland’s aim has always been the same. To offer great choice of style and quality of product, at great prices.  

Its cabinet furniture is made from real wood throughout, including backs, bases, and drawers. Product ranges vary from classic farmhouse styles, and modern looks with mid-century appeal, to industrial and cottage core snug. The brand also retails super-comfy sofas and recliners – with matching chairs – for all sizes of home. Upholstery is chosen to look good, feel good, and last – whether that’s fabric or all-over leather.

Real furniture for real homes.

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Willow Solid Oak Coffee Table

Oak Furnitureland

Willow Solid Oak Coffee Table

Oak Furnitureland


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