Welcome to the Oak Furnitureland Press Office

Welcome to the Oak Furnitureland Press Office

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Oak Furnitureland launches ‘Grow Your Home’ campaign


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Growing since 2006...

Our story so far

Oak Furnitureland launched in 2006. Our brand was built on making sure our customers could access high quality hardwood furniture at affordable prices, and we were predominantly known for our ranges of well-crafted cabinetry. Fast forward to today, and you’ll discover that our commitment to using quality materials and creating furniture that’s built to last hasn’t changed. We still offer great value for money too, but what you’ll discover now is an evolution that’s seen us expand both our categories and styles of furniture, so that we can offer something for every home.

Home. It’s one little word, packed with so much potential. We know that home doesn’t happen overnight. Just like you, home grows over time. And here at Oak Furnitureland, we’ve got what you need to grow it.

Whether you’re putting down roots, or looking for a bigger space, we make furniture designed for life’s journey, with style that’s made to last. Because you don’t just furnish a home, you grow one.

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