Welcome to the Rex London Press Office

Welcome to the Rex London Press Office

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06 Sep 2022

Children's room decor

Explore our collection of children's room decor, accessories, storage and m...

16 Aug 2022

Autumn colours

Embrace the beautiful colours of autumn with our autumnal colour palette.

16 May 2022

Picnic essentials

Pack the perfect picnic with some bright and colourful picnic accessories.

15 Mar 2022

Travel accessories

Essentials for travel, including weekend bags, portable chargers and luggag...

15 Mar 2022

Jigsaw puzzles

Puzzles for all ages and tastes, from pocket-sized to 1000 pieces.

15 Mar 2022

Red, White & Blue

Get into the spirit of June's jubilee celebrations with all things red, whi...

04 Feb 2022

STEM toys

Toys to inspire a love of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

24 Jan 2022

Traditional toys and games

Traditional and nostalgic toys and games.

24 Jan 2022

Retro home decor

30 Nov 2021

Alternative Easter gift ideas

Looking for some chocolate-free gift inspiration this Easter? Look no furth...

28 Oct 2021

Mother's Day

28 Oct 2021

Gifts for gardeners

24 Aug 2021

Gifts for space fans

20 Aug 2021

Gifts for dinosaur lovers

20 Aug 2021

Gifts for scientists

Our retro-inspired Periodic Table collection is ideal for any science teach...

20 Aug 2021

Gifts for cyclists

20 Aug 2021

Gifts for pets

Treats for four-legged friends, from bamboo food bowls to stylish bandanas....

30 Jul 2021

Gifts for Kids

30 Jul 2021

Gifts for men

Gifts for every man, whether they love gardening, cycling, DIY or music.

29 Jul 2021

Gifts for women

29 Jul 2021

Back to school

28 Jun 2021

Gifts under £10

24 Jun 2021

Stocking filler for grownups

Grown ups love stocking fillers too! Discover our affordable gadgets and ac...

24 Jun 2021

Kids' Gifts under £10

23 Jun 2021

Stocking fillers for kids

Discover unique and affordable stocking fillers for children

23 Jun 2021

Gifts for babies and toddlers

23 Jun 2021

Christmas decorations

Vintage-inspired Christmas decorations

23 Jun 2021

Rainbow gifts

31 Mar 2020

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