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Press Loft has been a huge help. We’ve been using the service for a few years now and have been really happy with it.
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Hollie Brooks

Co-Founder - UK

Can you tell us a bit about you, your role and Audenza?

I’m Hollie Brooks, co-founder of Audenza - Audenza is an award-winning online

homeware boutique; created to add edge, style and interest to the homes of interesting people. We

sell a fabulously quirky selection of homewares which ooze character and scream fearless style.

Think iconic, bold and statement furniture, accented with eclectic, eccentric and ever so slightly

kitsch accessories.

I co-founded the company with my mum, Jacqui and my sister, Amelia, so it’s very much a family run

business. I manage the PR and marketing side of things at Audenza, as well as being jointly

responsible for buying and company strategy.

What PR Activities do you do with Press Loft?

We use the image library extensively; we upload all of our fabulous new imagery, both cut out and

lifestyle shots for press to download. This means that when press download our images, they also

receive all of the product information (price, titles, measurements etc.). We also send out

occasional press releases via Press Loft and monitor download reports to look for potential

upcoming features.

How is Press Loft helping your brand?

Press Loft has been a huge help. We’ve been using the service for a few years now and have been

really happy with it. Journalists are often looking for high res images urgently or out of office hours

and it means that they’re able to download at their convenience. Our existing contacts know we’re

on Press Loft and will go straight there to download what they need.

It’s also fantastic for getting our gorgeous Audenza products to a wider audience, outside of our own

network of journalists and bloggers. The keyword search must be an invaluable tool for journalists

looking for specific products for an upcoming feature. And we wouldn’t have the time, nor the

resources to always be looking for new contacts, so Press Loft really helps with that.

What were you doing before you used Press Loft?

Much the same as we are now really, however Press Loft is a great extension of our current PR


Who would you recommend Press Loft to (if anyone?!)?

Anyone really! We started on Press Loft as a pretty small brand and have stuck with them ever since.

Do you have a Favourite piece of Press Coverage via Press Loft?

We love all press features! However, we’ve just been featured in The Telegraph Stella magazine,

which is always a nice one to be included in. Ideal Home, Red and Good Housekeeping regularly

feature us from Press Loft too, which are great publications.

I’d also like to add that the team at Press Loft are super helpful and always very responsive to any

queries we have!

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