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The tools on Press Loft have unlocked a new world to us.
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Becky Wood

Digital Operations Manager - UK

Can you tell us a bit about you, your role and the business?

I’m Becky, responsible for all things digital and marketing related at Paper Starlights. My role covers a wide range of activities to help grow the business. As well as manage our presence online and in print.

Paper Starlights specialise in traditional handmade paper star lanterns and have been sharing the light since 1996. We’re a collaboration of 2 family businesses from India and the UK with a story that spans 2 generations and 3 decades of friendship.

We believe in the magic and happiness our stars bring. And it’s our mission to share it – from the workshop to your home. Paper Starlights are handcrafted using artisan techniques. We never mass produce, instead focusing on small batch production, limited runs and quality seasonal collections.

Which PR activities we do with Pressloft?

We use Press Loft to upload and share our beautiful stars with the media. As well as share press release on the latest updates on the company and work with influencers. We are also part of the new affiliate scheme here on Press Loft.

How is Press Loft helping your company?

It’s a great tool to have access to and makes PR simple and easy to do. Especially if you’ve not got time or capacity to do PR in your business. We are very impressed with the reach and coverage we’ve had so far thanks to Press Loft. It’s always been a goal to be featured in publications more and now it’s a reality for us!

What were you doing before you used Press Loft?

Before Press Loft we hadn’t dived into the world of PR that much. The tools on here have unlocked a new world to us.

What sort of business would you recommend Press Loft to?

Any business that’s wanting to take things to the next level and really get more connected with publications, not just in their country but internationally too. We’ve been so grateful for the coverage we’ve had so far. A massive thank you to the journalists on here, for supporting us and featuring us in your publications - from all of us at Paper Starlights

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