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As a freelance PR, and a one-woman set up, Press Loft supports me with the work I am doing for my clients.
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Lucy Jenner-Brown

- UK

Can you tell us a bit about you, your role and the business?

My name is Lucy Jenner-Brown and I work as a freelance PR consultant, under the name of LJB PR, based in Cornwall.  I specialise in lifestyle sectors covering fashion, interiors, health and travel and have been working in the industry for 30 years representing a wide range of clients from global brands to designer-makers. 

Which PR Activities do you do with Press Loft?

I have employed Press Loft’s services for 2 of my interior clients so far and had great results, using Press Loft as a support  to the pitching and story ideas generated for clients. I see it as an extremely helpful service which covers a lot of the seasonal and shopping media opportunities. Almost like having another pair of hands and PR brain working alongside me. 

How is Press Loft helping your company and/or you in your role?

It really supports all the other PR activities planned for clients and is an easy way to provide an efficient press office service to our target media. It has also been brilliant at reaching journalists and stylists who may not have been on our radar. We have achieved some brilliant and consistent shopping page coverage for clients with Press Loft. 

What were you doing before you used Press Loft?

Before using Press Loft, it was a case of continually pitching shopping and seasonal ideas to our target media and hoping it would land when they were looking for these subjects. Press Loft removes the need to constantly be communicating directly with the media, clogging up their in-boxes and allows client time to be spent pitching more in-depth stories and working on media relations. 

What sort of business would you recommend Press Loft to?

As a freelance PR, and a one-woman set up, Press Loft supports me with the work I am doing for my clients but I can also see how small brands without PR representation could use this service to gain editorial coverage, even if they aren’t doing any other PR activities. 

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